Great TV

I watched a great CFL game on Friday between the Redblacks and Als. The game was a good one but what made it Great was that I had lost my sound on QLED tv and had to view the game without having to listen to commercials and the play by play and some times ridiculous commentary. Might try that again when I get the TV repaired. ;D

TSN wasn’t so great. The commentators talked over the referee’s call on a flag & later just as the ref was calling another penalty TSN switched to a commercial. Never did find out what the penalties were.

I never listen to the drivel-ators. Might turn them up on an injury or something along that line.
If you’re sitting in the stands you don’t get the play by play, so why do you listen on away games.
In the south west corner high up all ways we get tooooo loud music. (please don’t hi-jack this thread over that statement)

What I do is mute the TV and listen to the radio broadcast while I watch.

if you’re at the game, the best option is to listen to the AM broadcast through headphones.

get the best of both worlds. I find myself listening through one earbud.

kinda like my own commentator live at the game.

My trick is to listen to the radio broadcast with the tv turned down. There’s some lag but it’s worth it.

for those who do the radio / tv combo, if you sacrafice HD (takes longer to transmit), and watch SD TSN, it lines up perfectly with the AM radio broadcast.

The HD (and especially 4K) have a delay, the SD really doesn’t.

Too often there will be a flag on a punt; TSN immediately goes to commercial and when the play resumes, unless you remember where the punt was caught and where the play ended, you’ll never know what the penalty was about because the announcers forget you’re listening to them to learn some facts.

Then there’s that annoying thing of running interviews sometimes through more than a series of plays.

Not a TSN fan

You mean you don't tune into the football game to listen to Brodie interview a bunch of people about what they are eating and drinking while they are waiting to hear some band perform at half time? Who'd a thought it? :wink:

Wait till the "Hall of Fame Game" when we hear some guy babble all though the third quarter over the calls on the field and cuts away from the game.

Reply to Palmer:
Dang! I never thought of that - and I’ll be sure to catch that feature on the Hall of Fame Game. Thanks for the heads-up