Great trades with the Eskimos

Unless I'm mistaken (again), in three trades since last September, The Ti-Cats have got 5 players on their just named 46-man roster-- Colclough, Lawrence, Wojt, Masoli, Hazime -- plus draft pick DL Brent Urban who is playing another year at Virginia, and a 2015 6th round pick.

In return the Eskimos got to draft Stefan Charles, before he signed Tennessee, and I believe, a future 6th round pick along with D'Arcy Brown and Carson Rockhill, both since released.


Yep, I was mistaken again! I see that I left out the one, still active, player the Eskimos got in those trades -- Nathan Kanya.

Some of those trades happened with Tillman and he's now with the Cats. Hopefully he won't destabilize the Cats in the long run. You never know what his influence over Austin might end up being. 8)

Great point. There's no shortage of people who can moan about bad trades. Trades that turn out well should be praised just as much.

Sun media in EDM rumour has Rockhill coming to HAM.

As the initiator of this thread, I must add another name I missed. EDM also got NIP LB Kyle Norris, Saint Mary's, with the 24th pick in this year's draft, which they obtained as part of the Hazime deal. And, Norris is listed as having made their 46-man roster. Nevertheless, these trades still look like great from my point of view as a TC fan.

Arash Madani has also said Rockhill is going to HAM.

And, he also reported that, within hours of cutting Rockhill, EDM tried to re-sign him but he turned them down. It wasn't stated but that might have been on a Practice Roster Contract.

Hervey, Reed might have a trainwreck on their hands this year - and they're driving it.

Good to finally see Tillmans picture in the football operations section of TiCats. Always thought this guy was one of the best football men in the league. :thup:

there seems to be some disorganization with the Esks as the season approaches.

The Harris and Rockhill revolving door strategies and breaching the CFL mandated final cuts deadline seem to have backfired leaving a perception of disarray within the club.

Hopefully, the Esks can regroup and have a decent year for their long insufferable fans. (as the Cats of course)

*except in Ottawa, saskatchewan and edmonton....

Thank goodness the last few have been to Hamilton's advantage! Helps me forget the Maurice Mann for Chris Thompson! Argh!

HAM signs OL Rockhill and rec. Ed Gant to complete the looting of EDM over the past year.

Possibly up to 5 roster players for Nathan Kanya. LOL.

And the Esks are still paying Tillman for the last year of his contract as he is just a consultant to Austin.

All these players including Tavoy Moore are Tillman guys.
They have more of Tillmans fingerprints on them than Tillman's babysitter's Butt!

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What they didn’t take into account was that Moore’s former head coach at Idaho State, John Zamberlin, is in his second year as linebackers coach with the Tabbies, who also brought fired Eskimos GM Eric Tillman on board as a consultant while he collects a Green and Gold paycheck for the final year of his contract.

And you can bet Tillman, during his time with the Eskimos, played a large part in Moore’s journey to Edmonton in the first place.

Not to mention all the media hype around Moore as he was unveiled early in camp as nothing but big things in a small, five-foot-six package.

So Hamilton is taking a chance on Moore instead. And a good one at that, considering they placed the Central Washington product on their one-game injured list, instead of the nine.

But wait, there is still more to the tale than a tailback named Moore.

Rumours are going around the Eskimos circles that Carson Rockhill may sign with Hamilton after being cut by the Eskimos on Saturday.

The promising offensive lineman was part of a five-player deal with Hamilton prior to free agency in February that sent starting guard Greg Wojt, linebacker Simoni Lawrence and quarterback prospect Jeremiah Masoli to the Tabbies for Rockhill and linebacker Nathan Kanya — the lone piece of the trade that could turn into a one-for-four.[/b]

He won a Grey Cup in Saskatchewan, took over an expansion team in Ottawa (not exactly a situation where success would happen quickly) and never got to finish the job he started in Edmonton. I'll acquiesce on Ottawa, but not the other two.

Can't blame Tillman for Ottawa. Brad Watters screwed that thing up so bad players were told to buy their own tape at one point.
Yet its the Gliebermans people remember.

He traded away the best QB in the league in Ray for absolutely nothing and there were rumours he was actively trying to trade Fred Stamps. It's a good thing we didn't get to see him "finish" his plan in Edmonton.

Going right over the cliff holding Hervey and Reeds' hand I see ?