Great to see

....although it's the argos that drafted him...I'm glad to see a Canadian qb. was drafted by a CFL team shortly after the 'e' camp....Danny Brannigan out of queens was picked by Barker and his gang today....He surely is a 'project' for the arenogoods....but at least the door opened a crack for a canuck kid...I hope he works out for them :thup: Signed through the 2012 season..

Very good to see a NI QB in the works i agree and hope he works out good for the Argo's because if he does that just my open the door for more Canadians being drafted/signed at positions that are usually occupied by an import, after all this is the Canadian Football League.

yeh great to see however, i thought brannagan was eligible for the upcoming draft and not a free agent? how does this work or was he eligible for the draft last year and just not taken?

if he is draft eligible this year then does that mean the bombers could hypothetically sign eddie steele or shomari williams b4 the draft too or what am i missing here? how does this work? thought he was draft eligible this year.. guess i was wrong. it happens.

Brannigan was undrafted from last year. Same for the other 2 - Glavic and whoever....