Great to see the Ti-Cats as contenders again!

Sunday's semi-final was extremely entertaining. It's great to see the Hamilton Ti-Cats back as playoff contenders again. For so many years they have been beaten up pretty badly and winning only 2 or 3 games a season is tough to swallow for both player and fan. A 9-9 season is very respectable.

The Ti-Cats will continue to improve with the likes of Cobbhead, Stala, Setta, Floyd, Porter, Glenn and the list goes on. They were just a play or 2 away from the Final against Montreal and would have had a good shot at them.

Next year I can see Hamilton pulling off 12-14 wins as the players continue to gel. It is all great for the franchise and the whole CFL. Now, if Toronto can get back on track and the CFL can get one more franchise [Ottawa] on-line things will be really looking up for Canadian football.

Nice of you to say. The thing is though that the Cats could have had 12 wins this year.

I think BC really has a chance in Montreal. BC is one team that the Als didn't dominate this season. The only time I don't cheer for BC is when they play Hamilton.