Great to be Back

Hello Everyone: Due to some technical difficulties, I was unable to get back on site when the format changed. Thanks to Kevin Walsh and David Lachapelle, I'm back in business. For a while, I thought that perhaps I was banned, but Kevin assures me that this wasn't the case. He said there were some technicalities that caused some others not to get back into the site, as well, and that the situation was being corrected.

In my absence, some very news worthy events took place; the first being the passing of Ralph Sazio and Gord Christian. My profound condolences go out to the families of these two men. I frequently sat and chatted with Ralph before home games in Hamilton and Gord Christian was known to me as a local boy who made good and a fellow employee at Dofasco.

I knew John Bonk from Dofasco as well, when he worked in the Bayfront Chemical Lab. It's been quite a year of tragedies for this team, including Ron Lancaster's passage. I had already expressed my sentiments to his family and friends before the site changed.

I'm sure that the big win over the Alouettes this past weekend has been beaten to death on this site and I am just as elated about it as I know most of you are. It appears that our "O" Line actually CAN block! What a treat to see Quinton Porter shred the Al's defense with his pin point passing and his feet. Cudos also to Tre Smith for a job well done.

I'm sure it's been said many times in my absence that our "D" and Special teams continue to require tweaking. Hopefully this will happen soon so that in Hamilton, we can start thinking "PLAYOFFS" again.

Our interim coach, Marcel Bellefeuille could be the Ticat coach of the future. Players and fans all seem to like this guy. He's young and probably has a great future ahead of him in the CFL. The team seems different with this man in charge. Continued success to him, particularly next weekend in Montreal. I'm not looking for miracles here with two wins in succession, but continued signs that this team is headed in the right direction.

It's great to be back with all of you! :smiley: :thup:

Not to offend....

But why do people start threads to announce that they are...

  1. Going away

  2. Back from (insert place or computer problem here)

Really...who cares???

Add to the threads when you return...or don't. I often open these threads thinking it's about something related to a player and find this.

I don't care when people are off the forum pages for awhile. Oh, perhaps if someone were to die, but for the most part...we are just blips in the world of

Good to see you back Spike. :thup:

You should be ashamed of yourself for this post.
Take Spike's post in the spirit that was intended and don't turn something good into garbage.

Not ashamed and as I said...not meant to offend.

I just don't care to see this type of post. I don't post to boost my "post count" as some like to.

I don't post when I go away for three weeks and make ticker tape announcements upon my return. Why?

Cuz I'm sure no one cares. Not in a personal way, but in the way that we are on here frequently.

Boy...I miss Russ. :cry:

Well Hendy:

If and when Russ returns, hopefully he will come back on line with great fanfare that he so richly deserves.

Having been gone myself, I wasn't aware that Russ was missing. I look forward to more of his insightful takes on CFL games and happenings around the league; unlike yourself.

Nit picking about peoples' comments on any site, in my mind, casts a shadow on the nit picker when he gets personal. Other writers get to see the nit pickers true colours too, as evidenced by the number of PMs I received advising me to ignore you, following your useless tirade.

If I were you and decided I didn't like a post, I'd move on.

My main objective here is to talk football, but even Russ will wander from this focus occasionally and I don't have a problem with that.

This is the week for Oski OUI OUI

I am sure Russ lurks around a bit still, but refrains from posting.
Come back Russ, you add to our a good way!
We can use you as our inside Quebec cub reporter this week!!

Is there a story here? Was Russ chased off the board -as the founding member of the Printer's Union, I can see how that might have happened.

Too bad.

I was wondering what happened too. I know he had some computer problems...but then he just disappeared.
Come on back Russ. Still lots to analyze! :slight_smile: