Great time to roll out a third jersey

I really miss the TiCats third jersey days. Particularly the grey scheme which the team donned in the crushing wins at home early on in 2015.

Perhaps we will see something tomorrow that may be interesting? A good looking retro uni would be nice for labour day but I hope we get back to seeing a creative third jersey for big games at home occasionally.

whoops… one too many O’s in the title. Keyboard foibles. :o

A retro shirt from the 70s or 80s would be cool. But I wasn't too keen on the grey scheme. I don't ever recall seeing a grey tiger. ;D

P.S. MY Bad. Such an animal actually exists. :o

I absolutely HATED the grey jersey.

(because it doesn't look like a ticat jersey.... aesthetically, its freaking spectacular and I very much own one)

I too own the grey jersey, thought it looked spectacular on the field, especially vs the Argos third at at Labour Day 2015. I feel like that game was at the peak of Ticats dominance, and peak visual cool-factor, all at the same time. Zach was hurt two weeks later, and it's never been the same since.

Obviously you only want to wear a third shirt for just a game or two so it's special, but I'd be interested if Adidas rolled one out next year.

No love for the whites and one-off helmet logo on LD 2006 (?)

YUCK !!! Hated that look , especially the helmets ???They were freaking fugly . Thank god that they were mothballed , hopefully for good , never to be seen again .

Would love to see an alternate jersey rolled out !

Surprise! They rolled out a single stripe on the helmets.
I say keep it. Looks good. And, we’re undefeated under the 2018 stripe.

Totally agree. Never understood why they removed it in the first place.

That's our 3rd jersey. You know, budgets and such. :wink:

Seriously though, it looked good. Glad to see the gold pants as well.