Great Tiger-Cat memory the 98 Eastern Final!

I was watching on Youtube the 1998 Eastern Final in Hamilton, Cats vs Als probably the best comeback in football or in the top three?

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I had to work that day, which was terrible, but at least I got to listen to the game on a little radio inside my gas-pumping kiosk. It took everything in my power not to run around the gas station screaming like an idiot when that field goal went through.

Ah yes what a game and what a day that was. One of the best games I ever had the pleasure of watching from the stands and Ivor Wynn :thup:

I was there with a bus trip from Frisco's on the mountain.

When you say one of the best come backs I am not so sure.
I remember a 2 game total point Eastern final in 1986. Cats lost by 14 at home in the 1st game and were 12 point underdogs.

Final - Game 1 (November 16 @ Hamilton, Ontario) Toronto Argonauts 31-17 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Final - Game 2 (November 23 @ Toronto, Ontario) Hamilton Tiger-Cats 42-25 Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton won their 2 game total-point series against Toronto by outscoring them 59-56. The Tiger-Cats advanced to the Grey Cup Championship game where they defeated Edmonton.
Also I had the privilege of attending perhaps the greatest football game ever played where a Kent Austin led Sask team drove the length of the field to have Burlington's own Dave Ridgeway kick the Grey Cup winning FG on the last play of the game as well winning 43-40.
That was the game where Tony Champion scored the go ahead twisting diving TD seconds before with broken ribs.

I'll never forget that game and the field goal. Wasn't ozzy injured from all the players piling on him after he made the kick?

I remember how cold it was that game and that I was distracted because there were two girls sitting in the endzone wearing bikini tops. Good times.

i closed my eyes and then heard swcreaming ppl when they opened they were fiilled with tears. lets go cats

One of my fondest memories ever!

When I tell my American friends about 2 game total point playoffs ... It's like holding a biscuit above a Dog's nose and asking he/she to do calculus!!! But once they get it ... You see the light-bulb illuminate ... "That'd be so cool! So intense! I don't know if I could stand that kind of suspense!"

I've got to disagree with BIGCAT's "the best comeback in football or in the top three?"
I remember being very disappointed in the team's play that day -- trying to sit on their 18 first quarter points and the lead for the remaining three quarters -- barely hanging on to almost the 59 minutes mark -- then allowing the Als to march 90 yds. into the wind on a 6 play, 43 sec. drive to take the lead with 24 secs. remaining. The "comeback" was just an average kickoff return, an average pass play (Mac's only completion in 6 passes that final quarter) and an average running play to set up the long, wind assisted, successful FG. A bad special teams' coaching decision on that final Montreal kickoff into the strong wind was key.

The '86 Eastern Final was a much greater Ti-Cat comeback as pointed out by Iceman. I can't recall if they were 12 point "underdogs" going into the second game, but I do know that they actually fell behind by 12 points, in the first half of that game, making them down 26 total points. And, they still came back to win the two-game total point series by 3.

Even better, and likely the best in Tiger-Cat history, was the '61 Eastern Final where the Cats lost the first game in Toronto by 18 and came back in the second game to win it by 18 in regulation time featuring one of the most exciting final plays ever. In the 20-minute overtime, Hamilton scored 4 TDs to win the series by 28.

There was also 1964 when they lost in Ottawa by 17 and came back a week later to win at home by 18 and take the series.

There are a lot of great Tiger-Cat memories. Too bad so many of the best are from soooooooo long ago!

While I was at both of these comebacks, the underlined was by FAR my favourite TiCat comeback, I went to both games of the 2 game total point, and I tell you the emotions really flared up being down by so much and still coming back to win.... :rockin: