Great Ticats NEVER to win a Cup.

I was thinking about Winfield and the good old days and wondered who else might come to mind as great ticats through the years but never won a cup here. Its not negative, Earl is my all time favorite I was just wondering who else is there that played for years and gave a lot and was loved by fans but never won the ultimate prize. I know to me Winfield tops the list but there must be others. Anyone?

Winfield's probably the greatest never to win a cup.

Tom Clements
Dieter Brock
Michael O'Shea (shudder)
both won with other teams, but not Hamilton

Wally Zatylny I don't think ever won
Troy Davis

Don't know who else to add to the list

Most of our greatest players have won a cup with Hamilton.

O'Shea is not a Cat-4 years
Clements 3 years
Brock 2 years

Great players, not Cats

Rufus Crawford.

Henry Waszczuk.

David Shaw, Jimmy Edwards, and Tom Clements would get my votes.

How about keith Baker ?

didn't Henry win in 86

Henry retired after the 1984 Grey Cup to go fishing.

Earl Winfield
Rufus Crawford
Henry Waszczuk
David Shaw
John Priestner

Those are five who come to mind for me. The biggest regret I have as a fan is that the 1981 team didn't seal the deal. In my view, that was the greatest Ticat team to never win the Cup (I'm being era-specific here, not counting stronger 1960s teams that lost in the Grey Cup in certain years).

Oski Wee Wee,

Earl The Pearl
Troy Davis