Great Ti-Cat videos

Using these to get pumped.

This is my all time fave. Wish they would use the exact same video now, excpet replace some of the plaers. love the use od known fans, the music and animation

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for pure adrenaline purposes, the video of Osbaldiston's game winning 54 yarder in the 98 East final is superb.

and the 2009 "Catman" video with Porter was highly creative.

thanks for sharing CK

The opening video from 2009 is still my favourite. This year's is pretty good, but nothing has come close to touching that '09 video. Perfect song (the extended version of Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell, if anyone cares) and a great atmosphere for the video. I listen to that song on my way to the games if I can because it gets me ridiculously hyped.

Yeah! Me too! That music...!!

I really love the use of the recognizable fans!

Glen Suitor sure sounds stupid saying that a kickoff along the ground would have started the clock earlier. It never starts until a player touches it, in the air or on the ground.

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THIS VIDEO WILL GET YOU PUMPED FOR THE FINAL LB DAY ........Tradition , Honour , Intensity ...... GAMETIME!