Great Teams find ways to Win!!!!

The new look Hamilton Tiger-Cats currently are really no different than the 2012 version only changes in personnel and coaches but the attitude seems to be the same, great on offense bad on defense and with No defensive performance that will just about kill any chances of a Win. This team has alway has great pride in it's defense and tough style but we haven't seen that style in many years, certainly not consistent. And why is it that good teams in the CFL find ways to win like Toronto, Calgary and so on.

I'm not sold on the new Tiger-Cats not even in the next couple of games, not until I see this team man handle and win against teams like Toronto, Calgary, BC and Saskatchewan this team does that and with a defense that can actually sack a QB or grab a few interceptions than I would say the Tiger-Cats are back and have a good team, other wise it's just the same old team, same philosophy just personnel changes!!!

Well, this is what the professionals are saying............

Finally, Toronto beat Hamilton but maybe not the way many expected. Henry Burris to Andy Fantuz stole the show and credit Kent Austin for coaching Burris into one of his best games ever. This was a Grey Cup team being taken to the last play by a rebuilding team that did not make the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, Toronto won and deserved to win and were well prepared. A six-play, 83-yard touchdown drive to open the game, that is well prepared. But if, I know it is a big if, Hamilton improves defensively, they could be competitive with anybody. Defensive coordinator 0rlondo Steinauer will figure it out; too intelligent and too good of a football background not to.

I agree, Toronto didn't Win that game, Hamilton Lost it themselves !

To me, finding ways to win means that, in a close game, the defence makes a stop at the end of the game, and then the defence manages the clock to march down field to score. On Toronto's last drive, our defence did end up getting the stop, holding them on their own side of centre, and then our offence, with 39 seconds left, marched 33 yards down field to the Toronto 13 with 9 seconds left. Unfortunately, there was an individual error on the next play, which would have been the game-winning play otherwise. If it had been caught, running the ball in would have taken the rest of the time off the clock; incomplete, and there's still three seconds left for another attempt (even without the penalty) - great play call. The second attempt was a coin-toss, a tightly contested pass that could have been brought down, or could have drawn a flag.

I'm thinking the team did a good job at the end. Individuals? Not so much.