Great Tailgate Spread Box J boys

Somebody said get it line, you’ll love the food. I said, “I don’t even know ANY body here.” He said “neither do I.” So I joined him in line. Mmmmmmmmm hot sausage.
Thnx “Men in Kilts”

PS Went back for seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:

You must be related to figment......he brought his son last year...went away disapointed...brought him back and found out it was a private port-a-poty........he will be all over this forum tomorrow.....see you next year figie........

Crazy. Didn't the Box J Boys paid for the potty themselves? Why is it the Box J Boys responsiblity to provide and pay for public pottys to everyone in Lot J? Especially when it cost $15 to park there and the Box J Boys don't profit from anything in the lot? If anything, people should be complaining to the people that run Lot J to provide pottys. Not the box j boys.

Also, if I remember correctly, last year the Box J Boys offered their potty for donation to charity. And after a few hundred people used the single toliet, the Box J Boys had to pay extra out of pocket to clean and empty the "extra load". As the single potty was only suppose to be for 20-30 people max. So I don't blame them from restricting the potty access this year.

By the sounds of it, they are just a bunch of guys that were better prepared to tailgate all day then others.

I got there at around 12:30 and it was a great time in Lot J! Nice to see all the CFL fans enjoying the all pre-game activities.

Im just commenting on the moron at the top who thinks he got away with free food today......see you next year fuckie

damn, i missed free food, can you guys hook me up saturday at the rogers centre saturday.

The food was complimentary. Nobody requested money when I placed my order, or when it was delivered.

BTW Not nice to call people that name on here. You deserve to be banned?

you owe 10 bucks pay up!!!!!!

These guys paid out of ther own pockets to provide a good spread for people who were willing to pay for it, then you come, moron, and tell everyone that you scammed them in getting a free meal......need I say more..........pussie

my curse continues, when i get an heart felt appologie from the cats, that is when i will lift the curse and you may watch them win once again,

Umm, did you not read my reply. NOBODY requested payment.