Great start

Few if any would have suggested that Winnipeg and Edmonton.would be tied for first after two weeks. Even better that my three favourite teams are all undefeated!

THREE favourite teams in a nine team league?

Yah, okay. :roll:

So, why stop at three?

Is there something wrong with having a pecking order?

I cheer for Eskimo's first have since the 50's. Calgary second where I have had seasons tickets since 1981. Winnipeg third but only when they play in the West and Kenny Ploen was one of my childhood heroes.

Sorry that doesn't meet your approval, I am sure you and the other three Argo fans will get over it. :cowboy:

worst 2-0 team I've seen in years.

Almost as bad as those 1-1 Riders :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you like it.

Some serious parallels between Eskimos and Bombers so far this season. Both finished last in their division last year, but hired new head coaches, both came from behind in the 4th quarter in Week 2 to improve to 2-0. Article over at

Having 1/3rd of a league as your "favourite" teams dilutes the term "favourite" to the point that it has no meaning.

I would toss a casual insult to you as you have done to me, but I don't know which of your three teams to mock.

this year, I have six FAVORITE teams


so there

actually, I kinda like sask and wpg too, so....... once confessed to me you didn't mind Montreal either...

So I guess I was right in that other thread.

You are just posting to advertise your website.

shhh....don't let Ro know

However, you must be thinking of last seasons Canadiens.

Well to some degree I like something about every team in the league, that's why I watch I can't imagine only having one team I cheer for it would make the other games boring. I go to a ton of Lions games and they are not one of my favourite teams but still like to support the CFL .

Rider fans don't have backup favourites. There can only be one. :smiley:

I'd have a tough time with a pecking order, but I'm bored.

  1. Montreal is first now because I went to Ohio State and they have Buckeyes at key positions. Normally they are last, as I am more inclined to root for teams from the Anglophone (can I still say that) Provinces.
  2. Ottawa was the team that I've been planning on rooting for for several years. The timing is just bad; entering the league while Troy Smith is starting in Montreal.
  3. BC, I suppose. Vancouver is probably the nicest city I've ever been to.
  4. Hamilton right now. Pittsburgh Squealer colours make me angry, but I like Zak Collaros from his Bearcat days.
  5. Toronto. Cool colour scheme. Helluva Gray Cup a couple years ago.
  6. Sask. Watermelon hats make me smile. Watermelon bras are even better.
  7. Winterpeg. Blue Bombers=cool name
  8. Calgary. Overwhelmingly Canadian name for a team. Might as well be the Skeeters.
  9. Edmonton. The colours match the stripes atop a pair of socks from the '70s.

A maritime team would overtake them all.

:thup: :rockin:

I would like to say my three favourite teams are undefeated but apparently I am not allowed to have three favourite teams.