Great start to the second half that's quality football.

Breakdown after breakdown....mistakes, bad snaps, blown coverages.

The same old Ticats.

This is starting to snowball and things seem to be getting worse week-by-week.

Playoffs? Playoffs? I don't care what the Eastern Conference has done, how can you catch anyone when you can't win?

My, oh my. I detect some mildly non-positive thoughts here.

Save them for the end of the game. We may need your help then.

Mark, we spotted them 10 points right out of the gate with sloppy play and brain farts all over the field.

That 10 points will probably cost us the game. A game that is another winnable game.

I hope we have some fight in us left....seems like we've been battling back all night and I'm not sure how long you can do that and mentally survive in a game.