Great stadium you all have there in Edmonton

Wow! My wife and I were visiting with friends in Edmonton and decided to take a look see at Common Wealth. What a great venue to watch games in! I sat in row 10 about centre field and tried to imagine what it would be like watching the Eskies play the Lions. Sight lines were excellent from that vantage point. In fact even in the corners it was a great view. We'll be in town for a month next summer and for sure we'll take in a Lions/Esks game. I took a look see around sections G and H and what I loved is when I walked up to the top where the concourse is, the exit doors led right out onto the parking lot and the streets for easy exiting.

It must be awesome taking in a night game in a wide open stadium like that. You fans are lucky dudes and dudettes.

I'm glad you had fun. One day I'd like to take in a game at Common Wealth. Living in Ontario sucks. :lol:

the Stadium is pretty good yes. the seats are being replaced so that'll make them even better.

but the Concession food sucks unless you order from the middle section that serves the more expensive stuff.

and the Parking sucks too, but less and less park around the stadium ever since they started up the Park & Ride system for fans to take buses.

It's #2 in my books behind BC Place.

I have never been to BC place. i have only been to three CFL stadiums. Regina, Calgary, Edmonton. Edmonton is my fav of the ones i have been to. but you are right, the parking is a pain. 20 bux to park in a parking lot 10 minutes from the stadium

I don't think that's unique to Edmonton. You get the same thing in Hamilton. It doesn't matter where the parking lot is located, expect to pay around $20.

The Stadium is great and the outside walkaround including the practice facility is nice too. However my seat is in Sec; J but with the new seats going in my seat will be gone; being an odd number (17) as next year will be 16 across. I'm looking at K or Q and will wait/see how that goes. I haven't checked out the endzone part where they serve a buffet style from the SawMill Steak House on game day/night. Where I park is a 20 Min. walk or more thru the neighbourhood; a nice walk.

Well I'm a bit ahead of you ! I've been to see games in Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Regina, and Calgary. Grey Cup this November will add Vancouver to my list, leaving only Winnipeg and Edmonton. . .

this is how I rank them Only ones I've been in.

  1. Edmonton - decent food fairly priced close to mass transit parking is a bit steep but cheaper then empire. needs real grass to be a perfect place.

2.Calgary - older stadium but well maintained nice area around it

  1. Empire - just brings back some memories love the outdoors terrible for transit and parking but a deal can be found from the old Chinese lady, seats are really uncomfortable and food concessions are better then BC place but not by much.

  2. Winnipeg - stadium is a dump, dirty, it does have a nostalgic feel about it and the beer is poured from a bottle.

  3. Toronto - beautiful stadium not bad for transit terrable sight lines and seems like your the only one in there during Argo games.

  4. BC place - to hot in summer - bad concessions dont ever try to pay for your food with a debt or Visa feels like im to far away from the play again like TO feels empty . good for transit and nightlife after the game.

I don't think this whole real grass thing exists anymore.

more expensive to keep in shape, harder on athletes (which many of them have declared) and Edmonton was stupid, spraying it with water before the game.

plus it was HARD as a Rock when it froze in the playoff games. which was an advantage to nobody!

oh and they only got the Grey Cup in 2010 because they switched to Turf... as they would not have got it if they stuck with Grass

There is more than enough truth to that as the CFL does plan ahead on where the Grey Cup will be held, so thus; the city of Edmonton I'm sure plans ahead also as for (how/when/funding) of the new "TURF": Was announced in Jan 2009 by Sportsnet that the Grey Cup will be held in Edmonton.

And what is your take on each stadium Madjack?

I've only been to three CFL stadiums currently in use: Edmonton, Toronto, Hamilton.

Edmonton: Impressive when there are lots of people there, but you sit a little too far from the field because of the track; the concourse area is barely wide enough when the stadium is packed, and there is a SERIOUS safety concern when they place credit card kiosks in such a way that they block the flow of people. One was close to collapsing during the last GC because of the crush of people that had to somehow try and get around it. Good food and beer. Reasonably priced from what I remember.

Hamilton: My favourite place in all of sport. Old, charming, atmospheric place that simply oozes football history. I love it there and I hope they can reproduce that ambience in the new place.

Toronto: Impressive, but heartless and lacking character. It has virtually no party atmosphere whatsoever. The Argos really need a smaller, cozier venue. Expensive, but everything is in Toronto.

If you liked Hamilton you will love Winnipeg that stadium is so old I thought the city would have condemned it by now. But it does remind me of Clarke stadium and being there as a kid . It's were the CFL all started for me.

Me too. Old Clarke was a fun place. My dad took me to junior games there sometimes, and the occasional Eskies game. I was also a Knothole Gang member for several years and got to sit in the endzone for 50 cents.

Notice how the oldest stadiums in the league seem to be the most revered by fans?

My first and only time to Taylor Field in 1977 was a treat for me.