Great site so far

This site looks like a Pro site should with a few bugs here and there, but I kind of miss the old Huddle already. Guess I'm just old fashioned, but sometimes simplicity is better.

[quote="Karlgard"]This site looks like a Pro site should with a few bugs here and there, but I kind of miss the old Huddle already. Guess IHave been trying for hours to get a password so that I can log should not be put online until everything is working. Initial Response......"Bahhhhh Humbug"

I was never a fan of the old Huddle .....

But I will say that finally the CFL has a decent website. Could maybe have a bit more quick info like standings and results on the main page instead of buried. But overall ... very nicely done.

Hahaha! I no sooner typed that and I found the standings and scores buried in the middle of the main page. Maybe move some of the ads down there and put the good info up higher?

Personally I am not very impressed with this site.

First it is the slowest site I have been on for a decade! 10 plus seconds for a simple page change is not good!

Second, it is missing some of the good things of the old site. Where is press release archives? Where is Ask the Ref archives (for that matter, how the heck do you ask the Ref a question?). Where are the players bios? Where are the newspaper headlines?

Ok, the registration system is sort of working now, but why when I log in I get a page can not open message.

Yes I expect some bugs with anything new, but there should have been a lot more beta testing of this site. Far to many things not up to speed!

I sent emails to both the CFL and the website management a week ago and still have not heard anything back.

I think this site sucks, the old cfl was simple but much better and faster, and what was wrong with the huddle, its basicly the same thing but slower , and has sub folders for each team , wow, thank you for doing that, thats amazing, gimme a break and bring back the huddle

My guess is they had no money for beta-testers so they use us instead (for free!)

Give 'em some time. They already promised cool stuff like players bio, complete statistics, live up-date, etc would be added.

Anyways, it's off season and there are almost no free agents left. It's not like we had a lot to watch for. I will be disapointed if the site is still as skiny as that when the season starts, but as for now, it's up to us to make it a bit more dynamic.

Yea, I guess I can wait a bit, but considering the hype around the new site, I would have thought it would be in better shape when it started. I just have to wonder how much the CFL really cares about the fans. The old site was full of outdated info, was crowded, etc. but it did have some useful info. Frankly an updated forum was not what I was looking for. I already have lots of options for discussion. To me a site like this first and foremost has to have hard info.

All the rules and regulations, players bios, current events, interaction with CFL staff and officials, etc. And it should work in a way that is not painful to use. I really liked that they started the ask the ref section near the end of the old site. I wish they would get the commish and some of the owners involved through chats and participation in the forums.

Where are the newspaper headlines?
They are on the home page. There is a bar called "In the Media".

Thanks that helps a little bit, but the old system was much better. You did not have to wait for each headline to appear and there was more info like page number.

Most days with the old site, I would go to the headline section and then check out the articles in each paper. The way this is set up it would take me days to try and do the same thing. Also with the old system, if I missed a day or two, I could still see what storied have happened.

btw, another frustrating bug is login. I log in and then get a "this page cannot be veiwed" error and I have to manually change the address bar to get back....

The biggest problem with this site has to be the load times. I'm running DSL and it takes close to 15 seconds some times for a page to load. I would hate to see this on a dialup connection.

Lose some of the flash elements and I think the site would load much faster. Not to mention all the little bugs that I'm sure people are finding.

ie Bomber logo being changed for the White W to the Blue W, you have to do it to all of the pages guys.

the bombers have different logos. they use the blue W on a white background, and the white W for everything else.

The slow load time has nothing to do with the flash elements.

The bombers logo has been changed on all the pages. Try clearing your cache.

slow laod time comin on to site might be because of loggin in at same time.

and the bombers symbol actually change, cuz i thought they used the blue one also.