Great signing!

Great to see Elimimian and Bighill will be playing with the Lions this season. :rockin: We still need to get that front O-Line shored up.

On the offensive line we either need better performances by, or upgrades to, our three inside guys. We couldn't hardly run inside at all year last season. Stewart, Ramsey and Hardrick look like solid players to me; I hope to see Hardrick or Ramsey at left tackle, Stewart at left guard, anyone but Norman at center, a better performance by Fabien at right guard and of course Olafioye at right tackle. Of coursed we need either a healthy Lulay (big question mark) or someone like Rodgers to step up and give us a viable option a QB. I even see a remote possibility of Kevin Glenn again behind center if Lulay can't go.

On the defence we need someone, preferably a Canadian who's 300+ pounds, at the other tackle spot, to take some of the physical load off Taylor. The rest of of our tackles seem undersized to me, which perhaps explains why we were so easy to run on inside last year. While still effective, Khreem Smith isn't getting any younger. Whoever comes out of camp with the rush end job needs considerably better sack and hurry totals then we've been seeing the last couple of years. Where is the next Brent Johnson or Cam Wake type, a true impact player at the rush end spot?

Obviously we have great linebackers but need some quality depth there in case Biggy an Solly goes down with injury. Wally and Tedford have a spot to fill at wide side halfback and for heaven's sake, can we finally get a real safety with experience as an upgrade to LaRose.

We need to sign the few current Lion free agents sill remaining, especially Jason Arakgi. I still can't believe they let Earnest Jackson walk.

By the way, how about the contribution former Bomber Chris Mathews made with the Seahawks in the playoffs. That was just what Seattle needed, a ringer for the super bowl. Too bad Carroll's offensive coordinator had a brain cramp at the 1/2 yard line with 30 seconds left and give a super bowl win away to New England on the most boneheaded call I've ever seen from a coach in any league. If he as going to pass, why not toss it to the back of then end zone where it is much less likely to be picked off? #lynchfromtheoneequalsawin

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

That interception by the New England defender was worth a cool $49 000! The winners received $98 000 each!
I agree dooger. And if you recall the unbelievable circus catch that was made a couple of plays earlier to get the Seahawks down to about the 5 yard line. Wow! That catch will never be repeated.

This is one time the coaching staff outsmarted themselves. An entertaining game but oh such a disappointing finish for Seahawks fans.

By the way….

Wasn't Glenn traded? I think he signed with SSK yesterday.

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Cool to see BigHill get rewarded for staying the course in BC. He continued to sign extentions and now got a big time deal. At some point post that great 2012 and on he certainly would draw some real NFL attention. He is an absolute beast on special teams, which would have been his in to an NFL roster.

Signing McGee is a huge signing.