Great signing RedBlacks.

I for one, am very pleased with Ottawa signing Trevor Harris. Great signing, I'm really looking forward to seeing him play in Ottawa. Just what they needed. An experienced QB, not an unknown rookie, to take over from Hank when the time comes. What will happen with DeMarco and O'Brien ? What does everyone think ?

I'm glad to see that someone else in Ottawa is watching the CFL free agent activity that has been going on today!
I guess that most people are talking about the Sens acquisition instead.

Anyway, DeMarco is a free agent, but no news yet if he will sign with another club, (I'm not sure if any other team is actively looking for another back-up QB at this point). Regardless, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of him yet. I don't think he is in the REDBLACKS future plans.
As for O'Brien, I think he will stay on as the third string QB this year.

Yup, O’Brien will probably stick around until the team can find somebody better suited to carry the clipboard. As for DeMarco ? If you are an RB fan you have to ask yourself this question…If DeMarco doesn’t re-sign with the team are you really going to miss him now that Harris is on board ? Didn’t think so, by the way just who and where and when did you guys get this other guy I see on your roster Brock Jensen ? Never heard of him until now.

Camp last year. Won 3 straight national championship at the D1 level, for what it’s worth.

Interesting, thanks CRF . So maybe O’Brien won’t be carrying the clip board after all ? :wink:

Great Caesar’s Ghost, I hope not…

I must reiterate, Harris was a great signing by the RedBlacks. Hank may never get into another game if Trevor keeps this up. A great problem to have. :cowboy:

Harris has already stated that it’s Burris’s team and he understands that he is the backup. Burris will start when he returns from injury and if he falters Harris will be in there, Burris will be on a short leash
Burris looked pretty good in the one plus quarter that he played in Edmonton.

I have to disagree with putting Burris in when he returns. You continue with the hot hand until he gets cold. I don't believe Burris should have "carte-blanche" and automatically be inserted as no. 1 when he returns. If it's working, don't try to fix it. :expressionless:

Harsh on Burris a bit, but he’s as much said the same thing. I like Burris just fine, but I don’t recall too many games in which he completed 90% of his passes on 30+ attempts.

Also, I think we’re going to wait a LONG time for Harris to get “cold”. This doesn’t feel like just a hot streak. All this talk about how no one prepares more than he does…Too many people are saying it for me to doubt it any longer. He just knows what he’s doing. Burris will go back in if Harris is getting beat up or actually hurt, but I can’t envision Burris going in because of a huge drop off in performance by Harris.

The TSN segment on Harris and his family background gives a great deal of respect to him and his work ethic .

Hank could always go back to the riders, they seem to be in need about now.

They aren’t going to give up a league MOP to the Riders because they need help. Ottawa went after the best QB available so they would have two great QBs, if one goes down the other can step in without missing a beat.
Maybe next season if Burris still wants to play he will be the backup but I think he will retire next year rather than take the backup role.

Or switch to coaching

Cripes, stick him in a public relations role. Dude charms everyone except bitter Hamilton and Saskatchewan fans who can’t let go.

Weren’t there suggestions that he should be traded to Saskatchewan early last year? Can you imagine if that had taken place?

I think he could be the “pinball Clemons” of Ottawa - he became a Cdn citizen, local resident, would be a good politician too. Pinball appears all over southern Ontario as a motivational speaker and a PR guy for the Argos

Great example.