Great show on John Candy and the *rgos/CFL

TSN's CFL website has a very good video about John Candy and his passion for the Argos and the league.

It is about 22 minutes long and is quite interesting and entertaining.

I didn't realize how much he loved the CFL and his time as an owner.

I really miss John Candy...the only Argo I ever liked! We lost so much when we lost John! :cry:

Bruce McNall really did a number on Candy and Gretzky, forcing the sale of the Argos.

If John had more autonomy and financial wherewithal, he may have owned the Argos for many many years and maintained the magic with the city of Toronto and its fan base.

alas, it is what it is.. :frowning:

Thank you for posting this. :thup:

I'm sure I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. :wink: I really enjoyed watching it and it brought back many fond memories of sitting in the Skydome and seeing him on the sidelines. As much as I don't care for the Skydome for CFL THAT time I didn't have the disdain for the place that I do now. The empty seats don't cut it.

As I mentioned on the main board, I watched it the other day, really enjoyed it, nice job by TSN to do this.

I can’t believe that Mike Boone from the Montreal Gazette wrote this in the Gazette:

Not to be outdone in Torontocentricity : TSN kicked off its weekend of Grey Cup coverage Friday night with John Candy: True Double Blue.
The short documentary, a TSN original production, recalls the “Hollywood Argonauts” - Candy’s team - and their Grey Cup win in 1991.
[b]Of course, sports fans from coast to coast have talked of little else these past 20 years. And the late comic’s enthusiasm for the Argos is a particularly hot topic among Toronto fans who pack Rogers Stadium to watch the Buffalo Bills
.[/b] outgrows handle/5770964/story.html

Not so many years actually, unfortunately-- he died in early 1994. But yes, he was a good guy and a good talent, and a strong promoter of the CFL.

how the heck did that slip my mind? :?
well, I'm certain his family/wife or Gretzky would have kept the Double Blue as an homage to John.

unbelievable how much damage and harm McNall caused to so many of those he conducted business with.