Great season

I’m really looking forward to the rest of this season, I’ve seen some EXELENT football sofar, lots of comeback wins.

And heartbreaking losses. ie Riders vs Argos

Yeah, but they keep you on the edge of your seat right until the very end. I don’t remember this much excitement to week 3 last season.

this season is living up to its expectations, alot of great games…more to come

That depends on your point of view

:D i'll say it was quite exciting

As was the Montreal-Edmonton game.

I have to think that the Ottawa Montreal game has been by far one of the most exciting games ive ever seen. And so far this season as well. In my pinion its gonna be hard to beat that kind of excitement until the playoffs or even the final game. But theres plenty of weeks left yet so im sure they’ll be lots of those to come yet.

Been great in the CFL thus far… wish the refs werent so triger happy, but besides that, all is great!

Pretty good so far this season.
I can’t believe I’m watching most of the other teams’ games.

A great product.

Go Rens Go!!

I would say the Mtl- Edm was more exciting not because Mtl won that one but because the lead changed hands 3 or 4 times

This has been a really good year.

Parity looks good too - there isn’t a single team that stands out as completely dominant.

although one team looks pretty rotten this season… cough …Winnipeg…cough

Yeah, that is too bad! :cry:

Thanks to the single point rule ( that I now understand) and some AWSOME play, the first three weeks of this CFL season has shown excitement that the NFL wouldn’t show until week five or six (if that)!


Hey KK I can loan you my Paperback from all those bad Lion Years…LOL