Great Season Riders

All this negative slant on the Rider season isn't right. I want to thank the Riders for an exciting season. We had many last quarter miracle come backs playing with young second string players. We saw two Saskatchewan born and bred running backs on the field at the same time and performing at a top level. We got another home playoff game when the critics had written us off at the beginning of the season because we lost Autsin and Joseph along with other starters in the off-season.

Thanks guys for the gutsy season and even though we didn't win on Saturday I'm proud of the effort and no-quit attitude you displayed this year. After seeing the performance of our young guns this year I'm positive we'll be enjoying another home playoff stint next season.

Well said Dusty, thanks for another great season guys!

I agree, great season, alot was accomplished and we were alot better than alot of people thought we would be. Thanks Alot Guys.

Agreed. Dissapointed with the playoff loss - yes.
Dissapointed with my team - NO.
Not sure about the rest of you, but I haven't seen too many home playoff games or 12 - 6 seasons.
I think we have a lot to be happy about.

yes, it was a terrific year, with a sad ending.

I was really happy with the team in the 1st half of the season. Once Bishop got here there were way way way too many aggravating things that happened with QB situation and I place that blame solely on Millers shoulders. I myself am not very happy with the Riders at the moment.