Great Read "Gridiron Undergound"

Just finished an outstanding book. Gridiron Underground by James R Wallen. Story of blacks coming to the CFL to play because they couldn't get a job in the CFL. A lot of the players are old timers, Johnny Bright and Herb Trawick, but there are names that are more current. Warren Moon. I think it was Bernie Custis who, with his wife, would walk around Hamilton on their time off, looking for other black people. Hilarious. Enjoyed it so much, I had to buy the video so I could watch, and re watch, the Johnny Bright incident.


Here's a link to purchase the book in question:

Being in a family of mixed backgrounds including an ex, this is as noteworthy and funny as it is all too true still in so many cities in North America.

My experiences have been so different down here wherever I have traveled and roamed and lived.

Here in Greater Philadelphia it's heavily diverse and such just would not happen until you go well further out, and well, those are areas in which even I (pale-skinned though "ethnic" as some would say) do not feel comfortable sometimes. You notice so much other stuff out in public all the same.

Dave Chappelle once did a hilarious bit as a correspondent for late night TV for Jay Leno at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002 before he hit it massively big with his own show (of which I saw the premiere, just flipping around, and wondered, "woh, how in the world did this get on TV?!" thinking they would cancel him).

There was this massive crowd of folks, no doubt a great sea of white, and he goes, "Here's a game I like to play when it's like this."

He then waves out at the crowd as the camera pans, and then they stop and focus when they find the lone black man in the crowd and sure enough he waved and smiled because he knew what was up as he saw Dave.

Just bought the Kindle version. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the tip!