Great quote about Calvillo and leadership

Quote from Ben Cahoon in a National Post article about Calvillo:

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“Anthony’s leadership is all about how he carries himself,? Cahoon said. “It’s more of an impact to see your quarterback get in at 6 a.m. every single morning and, before half the team gets there, he’s already put in three hours of work. That sends a louder message than any pep talk could. His play speaks loudly and his preparation sets the tone. He outworks everybody.?

As an Alouettes fan...I can't help cringing at Kevin Glenn's airing his dirty laundry in public
Every player in sports wants to play
Every player worth his boots is going to be pissed at being pulled
We all know that

Whining about getting yanked after 3 interceptions seems peevish and childish to me
It creates dissension and disrespect towards the coach and/or Kevin Glenn himself

One loss at the beginning of the season is no big deal
But one outburst like that certainly is

I wonder how Calvillo will feel when his time is finally up
And McPherson comes in to spell the old guy
I doubt AC will show the same lack of grace that Glenn has
And I know a coach like Trestman wouldn't tolerate such nonsense

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All very true, but, maybe, there is already a lack of respect for Marcel. If the coach had the respect of the team, as I am sure Trestman has, the QB might not have reacted that way. Respect goes both ways. I would like to know how Khari Jones felt about pulling the starting QB in the first game when the team is down by only a TD with lots of time left.

As I stated in another thread, Cavillo was pulled from their game with Hamilton last October stood quietly on the sidelines and offered no after game yammering about the coach and the decision. Didn't affect him as he and his team went on to win the Grey cup.

The great ones don't whine and complain, don't kick the football when they fail to catch the pass. They have dignity and respect for themselves, their teammates and their uniform. Never saw Henley, McMannus, Cahoon do it. They have class.

I don't know how the players look upon Marcel as a head coach. But, something tells me that if Glenn pulled that childish tantrum with Trestman, he would know very quickly afterward who the boss is and who makes the decisions.

Reality check.

Every player complains to the coach at one time or the other.

Saw McManus do it to Lancaster in an important game in 2002 when he was pulled for Pete Gonzalez and complained to press afterwards too.

It happens.

Everybody calm down and we'll get through this QB/coach crisis together.

Sure, if the player wants clarification speak to the coach, in the coach's office, in the dressing room after the team has gone, on the phone the next day. Directly. Man to man. Not through the press. It's cowardly.

Better yet, arrange a meeting in the film room with the head coach and the OC and go over the game. Unless he's blind, Kevin Glenn will know clearly by the end of the show why he was sat down.

It's always easier to blame someone else then to take personal responsibilty.

Exactly right, and given the intensive and emotional nature of the sport, I'm more surprised by the restraint shown than "nothing" comments like these.

Calvillo was pulled from an October blowout loss against Hamilton. At that point in the season, the game meant nothing to us, we had no hope of coming back, and the coaches likely pulled him as much to prevent possible injury as anything else.

Kevin Glenn was pulled three-quarters of the way through the first game of the regular season, in a game where Hamilton was only trailing by a few points. That's just disrespect. If your starter is your starter, you give him the chance to work his way through slumps.

This would never have happened with Trestman, because Trestman wouldn't hang his starter out to dry like that.

A good comparison was the 2010 Grey Cup game. Calvillo had done nothing till the fourth quarter when he mounted his comeback. you can put 21 points on the board in the last 3 minutes of a CFL game.

It is the HC's right to choose who he thinks gives him the best opportunity to win and each situation is unique but that message can also create some emotions. Says to me Glenn is a competitor which is good but also there is some issues here about how Marcel operates. The coach sent a message and so did his QB...

I think this move says alot about where Marcel's head is at this year. He knows this is a make or break year for him, i.e. can he get this team to the Grey Cup or can't he? So he's gunshy and prone to panic more than he used to. Remember when he handed Porter the starter's job out of training camp and stuck with him loss after loss? He had a longer leash then. Not so much now.

Also, as others have said, if KG had more respect for Marcel (as AC has for Trestman), I don't think he would've shot off his mouth like he did.

Hey, just curious what other fans thin----is Marcel a player's coach?

An Argo-Cat fan

Messages that have been sent out by both long before last game and in Glenn's case he always comes back, ego bruised, with a great game and everything is forgotten.
That's why Marcel does it.
Unfortanely for MB he has to take the hit for yet another unremarkable outing by Porter and looks like the bad guy.

Hi Discipline:

Thank you for the correction in the first paragraph.

Whether Marcel should have left Glenn in the game or not, it's the coach's decision and not the player's. I may disagree with my boss, but the ultimate word is their's and not mine. If I disagree with him, then I will come to him privately, not bellyache to whoever will hear me.

Kevin Glenn can feel whatever way he wants about what happened, taking it to the press shows poor judgment. You're not going to alter that decision by making a public show of it.

If you take into consideration the last preseason game and last year's semi final, we are talking about more than one game. Glenn's passing needs some correcting and allowing him the extra practice time at his teammates and the team's expense is selfish. They still had a chance to win and maybe the backup could pull it out. It turned out that didn't happen, but Marcel, I think, was showing some responsibilty to the team for trying to win, rather than satisfying his quarterback's ego.

Let's remember that when Trestman arrived he already had an established winning quarterback and a potential hall of famer. In Hamilton, we don't have that yet. So, the confidence level from the fans and the coach will need to be earned. Kevin Glenn, in my opinion, hasn't achieved that yet. His performance against Winnipeg didn't help his cause. He wasn't the only one, but he is supposed to be the offence's leader.

Kevin Glenn's focus should be on making himself a better quarterback, not on things he cannot control, like coaching decisions.

Don't beleive for a second Glenn isnt focussed on being better.
Glenn will always complain if he thinks he's being slighted. That's just the way he is. Always has been. He's not perfect . Accept it.

I think it's a stretch to say that he is focused on coaching.

The media is all over him whether he wins or loses. He expressed how he felt. That's it. Some people do, and others do not.

Glenn said. “I’m not saying I’m questioning his decision, [b][u]that’s just how I fee[/u]l[/b].?
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I'd think he's not happy with his own performance and is focused on being a better QB.

What we heard was Kevin Glenn's ego and his disrespect for the coach. He's been in this league for a number of years and if he wants to be considered the offence's leader, then he better show more maturity than that.

I'm told he owns a number of Tim Horton stores in Detroit. I don't imagine he would be too happy if after reprimanding one of his managers, they return to the counter and complain loudly to his customers. Oh, that's the way this employee hehaves, as the owner, he should just get over it! No. You should expect professionalism from the people you put in a trusted position.

How do you have faith in someone who puts his ego before the welfare of his teammates?

Fair enough. I hear what you're saying, but respectfully disagree.

Working at Tim Hortons is not emotional and intense like pro football. I see it much differently.

Disagree. What we heard was an irritated QB choosing his words carefully but also acknowledging the power structure that already exits and not challenging it.

Hi Captain:

Sorry. I'm just letting off some steam. I respect your disagreement. I feel a group hug.

I understand the difference between the Tim Horton example and professional football. The point I was trying to make is that as a boss, I don't think Kevin should tolerate insubordination from his people. Therefore, he should show similar regard for his boss.

Letting off steam? So was Glenn. You think we feel bad about the Tger=Cats’ performance, how do you think the players feel?

Hey, don’t apologize for an opinion. It’s all good. Great discussion. :thup: Love talking football and Tiger-Cats and I’m happy to have a place to do that.

Except that it wasnt "insubordination" as Glenn pointed out and accepted that MB is the "boss". Insubordiation is when you dont accept authority and challenge it. None of that exists in this case.