Great QB trios

One of the stories about Henry Burris' retirement reminded me of the Stampeders' QB roster in his first CFL season (1997): Jeff Garcia, Dave Dickenson and Burris. Two of the three were still unproven at that time but went on to have great careers. In terms of raw talent, I would consider them a great QB trio.

A couple of others came to mind:

  • Edmonton 1987: Matt Dunigan, Damon Allen, Tracy Ham
  • Toronto 2013: Ricky Ray, Zach Collaros, Trevor Harris (still very much TBD - we'll know in 5 or 6 years)

Any other trios belong on this list?

I think the key is the third guy. There's no shortage of great duos with a third stringer lost to history. (e.g. Jackson, Lancaster and ____? Clements, Holloway and ____?)

The 78 - 79 Eskimos had three starters in Tom Wilkinson , Bruce Lemmerman and Warren Moon .

Did the Stamps once have Flutie, Garcia, and Burris? Or did Burris arrive after Flutie left for Toronto?

Kevin Glenn, Brandon Bridge and Mitch Gale. :stuck_out_tongue:

Casey Printers , Timmy Chang and Richie Williams :cry: :lol:

Jonathan Crompton, Alex Brink, and Tanner Marsh. :lol:

Just did some googling into this, and the answer is no. Burris came to Calgary the season after Flutie stared with the Argos.

But, those Stamps still had a pretty good trio in Garcia, Burris, and Dickenson.

Ricky Ray, Zach Collaros, Trevor Harris
Dave Dickenson, Casey Printers, Buck Pierce
Travis Lulay, Mike Reilly, Jarious Jackson

These three are perhaps the ultimate what-could-have-been trio.

If not for injuries and whatever it was that affected Printers, they all might've been HOFers.

Okay seriously this time :slight_smile: from the “96” Ti-Cats (unfortunately it only lasted for 6 gms :cry: )… Matt Dunigan , Anthony Calvillo and Mike Kerrigan

Just as a followup on this trio consider that combined these three had 45 years of service as players in the league achieving between them over their careers 15 Grey Cup appearances and 6 Grey Cup rings total. :rockin:


Maybe in five years we'll be able to say Ray, Collaros, and Harris, but not just yet, I think.

Did anyone ever figure out what that was? Was he simply consumed by his own ego?

Ego. He went to the NFL to early.

I just noticed this.

Very good thread.

The first thought that came to mind was Wilkinson - Lemmerman / Moon - Wilkinson

First because those combos were consistent in tearing up the Stamps.
However, since they have been mentioned ,

How about:

Calgary - Keeling - Liske

BCLions - Dewalt - Paopao

Ottawa - Cassata- Keeling

Ottawa - Clements - Hollaway

Montreal - Wade - Jones

Pretty hard to beat the 2017 Argos, Drew 'Limp' Willy, Mr Interception and Old Ricky Ray.

Some others come to mind:

D. Allen, M. Dunigan & T. Ham in Edm.

K. Austin, D. McManus, K. Jones in B.C.

Some others come to mind:

D. Allen, M. Dunigan & T. Ham in Edm.

K. Austin, D. McManus, K. Jones in B.C.

Amazing how often BC and Edmonton are mentioned.

OK, how about :

SASK - Austin / Burgess

The topic is QB Trios. Not sure why you are reframing it to duos.