Great PSA by Argos Fullback Zander Robinson

As a diehard Ti-Cats fan I am no fan of the Toronto Argonauts - but I am now a fan of this Argos fullback Zander Robinson. If this PSA stops just one kid from being bullied it was worthwhile making. Well done Zander!

Super post Travel. :thup: As someone who grew up in a fairly strict Catholic environment and everything is going to be great ie. go to school, get married, have a couple kids, dog and cat in the backyard, buy house to go along with the super job after university, go to Church every Sunday morning etc. and then for that to get crushed when your wife tells you she's gay and you don't and can't get it, but knowing she is a wonderful person but you're going to not be married much longer... well, life takes it's ups and downs.

Again, great post Travel and nice to see athletes talking about real life like this. I saw goof ball as.....les beat up gay guys for the fun of it, well didn't see of it but heard of it. Trash people.