Great PreGAme Show TSN

And on Sportsnet and the Score, the CFL is treated like a third rate property.
The Score is the quintisential Toronto sports channel.
Staffed mainly by Torontonians, catering to Toronotnians.

In fact I was watchng CHCH TV in Hamilton last Monday morning, and at the ticker on the bottom they actually game the Ticats score AFTER giving the NFL score and the baseball scores.
What is up with that?

You also know that the NFL is more popular then the CFL in the Maritimes, right? In fact a New Brunswick sports channel would have a lineup pretty similar to a "Toronto" sports channel.

I often wonder about people who complain about this. Would you prefer that they foist a Calgary sports channel mentality on the rest of the country instead? It's the exact same behavior. At least Toronto makes sense since Southern Ontario is such a huge market... particularly for the Score which doesn't show sports that have much appeal anywhere else.

NFL more popular in maritimes?
Prove it.
And don't tell me your friends watch the NFL over the CFL.
Means nothing

Its just your know nothing media types thinking that the NFL is more popular.
So they give it priority.
But lets see the numbers to back up your assertion.

And about the Score.
If it went off the air tomorrow, nobody would miss it.
Its a station with no purpose whatsoever.

Prove that it's not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Without paying for the regional breakdown BBM numbers, that's a tall order (particularly since the local papers had articles about it during last year's Touchdown Atlantic that are now archived and also behind pay walls). But half the point of Touchdown Atlantic is to boost interest by playing some games locally and building the profile of the league here. Because it really didn't have one.

Popularity doesn't translate from province to province.

The Score's purpose is to make money. It does. It's not going anywhere. Like half the TV channels in the country it doesn't need many viewers to make a profit because most of its revenue comes from carriage fees. You need to take that beef up with the CRTC and the cable companies.

Can't remember the last time I watched Sportsnet or The Scores news casts, I don't even know the people there any longer, years and years ago, it's all Sportscentre for me and that's what I PVR since I know where the CFL will be, at or near the top of the broadcast.

I keep saying too bad we cannot organize some sort of a boycott against Rogers properties Canada wide?

or, rogers customers simply write rogers and voice their displeasure with rogers decision to back the NFL over the CFL.

Give Rogers some slack, they feel pity for poor Ralph Wilson and Americans with the economy there, they want to help them out and Phil Lind feels an obligation to do so. We are better off and Phil and Rogers loves spending Canadian earned money on the US, it makes them feel "superior" and "big time". :wink:

I mean Buffalo to Phil boy is akin to some Canadian Arctic outpost I'm sure. But it's the US and that's what he cares about more than anywhere in Canada, well, I suppose he does like certain parts of Toronto, fair enough. :wink:

The real issue is NOT to be a Rogers customer, like yours truly.
Save and except attending the dome to watch the Argos, I will not give my money knowingly to anything remotely connected to this crooked anti Canadian company.

Why doesnt TSN have a dedicated half hour or hour weekly show? It should be on a Monday or Tuesday. Not associated with the start of any game. Week in review, expert opinions on where teams are headed, who needs to make changes, injury report, surprising news of the week, player interviews, etc, etc?

All the time, money and effort they put in to the league each week, all the salaries on staff and experts. It would be relatively cheap considering what they have invested already.

Yes Star, I do like that idea of a wrap-up type show of the weeks games but the panel does a good job of doing this sort of and TSN does air this I think during Sportscentre even when a game hasn't been played on that day.

I agree with Star.
EVery night TSN has a hockey show.
On Sportsnet the Blue Jays have a nightly show called Connected I think.

Can;t TSN give us CFL fans a weekly show as well?
I know how important it is to show the poker games, but maybe they could delay one for a CFL show?

Things like this make me wonder sometimes about TSN's committment to the CFL.
NO CFL pregame show before the big game on Sunday is a prime example.
No weekly show is another.
Its like they're afraid to give the legaue too much air time.
Like it will affect their image or something

Me thinks its the Toronto centric attitude at this network.
You watch shows like the Reporters, and Canada doesn't even exist in their conversations, unless its the hallowed Blue Jays.
And TSN tolerates this show.
Which speaks volumes about their subpar treatment of the CFL in my opinon.

the big game of the week is on Friday.. hence their big Friday night theme and promo's etc.

Exactly cflisthebest. Some people on here want TSN to turn into the "CFL Network" I believe. They don't do that for the NHL and the NHL is a much bigger promo than the CFL.

Too bad TSN didn't do a pregame show from Moncton.
They could have had some great storylines.
LIke talking about the populaity of football in the maritimes.
Talking to city officials to see what they're doing to bring a team there.
Talking to the fans in the area.
Instead we get that fat guy Chris whats his name talking aobut the Cincinatti Bengals?
Yeee awn

Tsn does every game and has injected a lot of cash in to the league and came along when the CFL was in big trouble! People still bitch !lol! I guess CBC was better starting their coverage on Labour day! TSN seems to be doing quite well ,in the ratings department, so just enjoy the football game! Not like they are pre empting the game!

What kind of attitude is that?
The league should just be thankful that TSN shows their games?
If you ask me TSN should be thankful they got the CFL for relative peanuts.

And this is a once a year game.
It'd be nice to see a pregame show.

Agreed, they dropped the ball by not having a pre-game show

OR a Touchdown Atlantic Post game wrap up... cause rugby with Scotland VS Argentina is sooo important!

It is the rugby world cup so yes it is very important. I am a big CFL fan but: Post game show vs World Cup Event, I would put the WC game up ( considering they probably paid a boat load of money for the Can. rights to it )

In my opinion any WC Event ( Soccer, Hockey, Rugby ), should come before a post game show.