Great PreGAme Show TSN

I am looking forward to the big Bombers Als game today.
And what is the build up to the game on TSN?
The NFL pregame show?
How does that promote the big CFL game?

Then there's that Quizinos commercial during CFL games.
Where they proclaim themselves the official sandwich of the NFL?

Talk about a slap in the face to the CFL.
Promoting the NFL during CFL games?
Like what does this league have to do to get respect in its own country?

They broadcast every CFL game. That’s respect enough for me.

I agree with Jm02 and props to TSN, but I see where Benji is coming from. I always tune in half an hour early looking for a pregame show and am dissapointed when one isn't on.

Maybe that will be a part of the contract negotiations when the deal is re-upped?

You have to understand that on Sunday TSN has to have a pre-game NFL show to compete with the other stations that have this.

They do all CFL games, a great partner with the CFL, but they have to stay in the loop with the big American leagues or else they will falter in perception to the advertisers. Give them slack, they are our best friends.

Do they really need a 2 hour NFL pregame right before a CFL game?

I agree with the OP... at least shut the NFL crap down 1/2 hour before a CFL game and give us a CFL Pre Game show!

I agree and have said this in the past. The worst is during the playoffs when we have to watch ridiculous pre-game show for week 7 of the NFL season instead of a proper pre-game show for the biggest CFL games of the season. It's annoying and I hope that changes in the future.

I also wish TSN wouldn't cut away from the end of the game so suddenly. From time-to-time on Sundays they do have a sort of post game show or post game analysis, but they should do it more often!

You guys don't understand the position TSN and all sports networks are in with Sunday NFL, take your blinkers off and think for a moment.

TSN can bump the NFL pre game show to TSN2 and that would solve the problem.
Regardless, it's way over the top to have a 2 hour NFL pre game.

lets see, 30 minutes for 8 teams, times 4 for 32 teams, equals 120 minutes. Yup, sounds about right to me.

What is this TSN2 for?
How do you build an audience for the CFL if you're gonna talk NFL for two hours?

Looks like TSN treats the Cfl as second rate to the NFL.
The NFL game today was on my mobile phone.
Not the CFL game.

They even give the Blue Jays as much coverage as the cFL
And TSN doesn't even carry the Blue Jays.

Looks to me like TSN sucks up to the Toronto audience big time.
Thus the over the top NFL and Blue Jays coverage.

And anybody wonder why companies in Canada declare themselves the official this or that of the NFL?
Like the NFL isn't even a CAnadian league.
what is up with that?

Benji, I can agree with some sentiments, but TSN is our friend BIG TIME as an earlier poster said. I have no problem with NFL pregame shows, but hope that before a CFL game, something they are paying to carry and give them great ratings, a pre game show could be on.

As mentioned above if not during the regular season, AT LEAST during playoffs. Other than that TSN is top notch in CFL coverage, and I couldn't picture the league anywhere else.

That's the one thing I really wanted to complain about as well. Reminds me of that red Budweiser trailer that use to be parked in Ivor Wynn and I think in the end zone of the stadium formerly known as Skydome on occasion with the NFL logos plastered all over it. I appreciate the sponsorship this league gets, but you have got to do better than that.

And I have always been peed at TSN for their lack of post game (and sometimes pregame) coverage. But it doesn't seem to me that they are going to change that any time soon.

hey hey now.. let's not start saying things that aren't true.

TSN Loves the CFL! they have done so much for this league that we owe them a lot of our thanks.

but they do have an audience that also enjoys NFL football too.

Being one of the biggest CFL fans here, I for one am not all that concerned about this.

we have our big Friday night pre-game show as well as a pre-game show on Saturday too.

they usually discuss all 4 games within those 2 shows that are BEFORE the games.

just remember that there isn't exactly a lot you can discuss about 8 CFL teams compared to 32 teams with a league that totally depends on their TV contracts and their media power to earn all their Billions of Dollars.

so relax a little there..

I can't disagree with anything that you say.
It's like TSN is sucking up big time with both leagues and playing both ends against the middle.
Overall and for everything good that the network has done for the league, there is no doubt the small amount of money paid out currently in the TV contract to the CFL has brought in mega financial dividends.

Well I think the sponsors, companies, that are paying big bucks for the NFL and MLB probably demand that TSN or whomever do a lot of coverage apart from the game as part of the sponsorship to get more people interested in watching the NFL and MLB games. So rather than blaming TSN, perhaps the blame, if that's the right word, should be put on the companies who are telling TSN what to do. What are the comparisons for a 60 second commercial for an average NFL or Blue Jays game compared with an average CFL game dollar-wise?

Nobody gets up to watch those pre-game shows. The reason TSN airs them is because low cost. It's an ESPN production that they just simulcast. Having said that, the point still remains, they should do a proper pregame show for CFL games.

I don't think it's that TSN isn't treating the CFL well, because that's not true. The TSN treats the CFL like a premier property that it is. That still doesn't mean there's not things they can polish up though.

I think if they truly wanted to make the CFL look first rate and make people go WOW… :o :o :o

spice up your game graphics, improve the sound during the breaks and when the graphics appear.

get rid of Rod Black.

find some former Players with good solid deep voices that know this game and put them in the booth.

the thing I’d love to see, is have TSN do what the FOX network does for their NFL Games.

when the start of the game is going, and they’re introducing the starting offense and defense, instead of just showing the little name and numbers down below.

how about put a video of each player doing something sitting above their name while they introduce them.

or have them speak and say who they are their position and their school.

like give the game some pizzazz! make it stand out! stop being so conservative and formal.

great suggestion with the what college, where you from stuff. builds player interest.

Cuthbert is the Man.. Dudes the best in the biz.
black? he can go away.
miller? i like him, he's better than black.
Dunnigan.. great analyst. funny and gets into it. fun to listen to matt on a big play, like to hear the former qb's perspective more.
Suitor? he's ok.. not great, not awful tho.
forde? liked him at first but maybe its rod black but dudes not so good anymore.

Why not promote Miller and dunnigan to 1a. and maybe go with lets about a former qb? maybe AC when he's done or Damon Allen until then? why not. Heck.. why not go with dave randorf and AC or allen. I mean. Jock,Milt,Schultz and a guy like rod smith would be fine for the panel.

NFL panel has better.. well, wheres the coach's perspective? Whats Greg Marshall doing.. why not? Heck.. Doug Berry or even Mike Kelly.. son of a bee really but entertaining and the panel lacks that in the CFL.. NFL panel is more entertaining.

Players introducing themselves through video.. and simply replacing an announcer and adding a former coach to the panel would i think make things more interesting.

With all the NFL games on yesterday, as usual, TSN shows the CFL highlights first on Sportscentre. :thup: :thup: :thup: