Great Post on TSN by Glen Suitor publicize the negotiation l

I agree with him it time to publicize the negotiation list.

Here part of his Post you can read the Rest Here
t's time to publicize the negotiation list.

You know those moments when you are talking to a person in charge, like a school principal, a government official, or a sports general manager, and you ask them a question that they answer with such conviction that even though you still may disagree with the answer and it didn't in anyway solve the issues you had, you walk away thinking; well I guess it is important and there must be a good reason for it.

Interesting, good read for sure.

The article mentions that the neg list is defined in the CFL bylaws. Any chance that those are available somewhere? I'd really like to know the official rules around it.

I'd also like to know the reason behind the following statement in the article: soon as a player finds out he is on a teams negotiation list he can force that team to either sign him to a practice roster agreement, put him on the active roster within ten days, or the team would have to take him off their list.
I don't understand this "rule". Why would the league have that there? Were they sued by a player at some point? If this is really just a formalized gentlemen's agreement, which it sounds like it is, why would the players even have a say?

Maybe something about restricting a player's ability and right to seek employment with another team as long as a team holds him on their neg list?