Great play Bradley and Cody!

Great play Bradley and Cody!

I want to share a defensive play by Bradley and Cody that impressed me.

Calgary was drving, and were on our 30 or 40 yard line or so, going east.

Burris looked to his right (South side line) as the receiver made a quick move inside, Burris pumped and Bradley jumped on it! At the time I thought he bit on a fake. The receiver turned it up on a quick move and I thought, "Oh Oh!" as the receiver turned up field leaving Bradley in his wake and alone in the flat area.

However. Cody was right there and took away the deep ball.

Burris looked for the quick slant in at first, pump faked when it wasn't there and wanted the receiver on the up move only to have Cody take that away.

Burris held on to the ball and was sacked. What a great coverage sack thanks to Bradley and Cody playing as a team.

After the play Bradley turned and acknowledged Cody and you could pick up the fun and sense of accomplishment they had on that play.

It was then I realized that Bradley didn't bite on the first move. He jumped on that cut knowing full well that he was responsible for his own zone and that he was being backed up in the deep zone by Cody. Bradley covered his zone and took it away just as Cody did.

Great team D and trust in your team mate. That's how teams execute. By just doing your own job and trusting in your team mate to do the same thing.

Kudos to Bradley and Cody.

I thought Cody and Kornegay played great last night!

Agreed. They were two of the bright spots on a rather impressive night for our 'D'.

Two weeks in a row, Kavis has had the boys ready to play.

Keep up the good work.

I remember some people being upset when Troy Davis was traded and they questioned Tay Cody’s ability.

Tay is played great, and the trade for Davis was a great one for us.

Cody is showing he can play the corner and the halfback spot.

The secondary is vastly improved with Cody back with Goss. He's big, physical, and can run. Bradley just keeps on showing he has what it takes.

they did wicked, goss had a good game as well, looks like our backfeild is starting to come together, now weres or d line gone>?

Cody has been rock solid all year.

Re the d-line, I think we're seeing different schemes (lots of 3-4 last night), and it seemed to work pretty well. Good contain from our rush ends (Burris was held in check). In addition on many downs the 3 down lineman tied up 5 O-line players. Many of the rushing stops came from Armour and Brooks, and the O-line never touched them. If the secondary keeps going like it is, and the linebackers step up (Armour had a huge game), then this is going to be a difficult defense to play against.

"Good contain from our rush ends"

That is the one thing that made me angry. Whenever we had amazing coverage it seemed our DE's let Burris get the corner every time.

i wouldn't exactly call it "letting" burris get the corner... he's a fast lil' bugger.