Great Pass protection

Seems to me that not enough praise is being given to the O-line’s pass protection against Montreal.

Yes, Porter was great, but the O-line gave him ample oppurtunity to shine.

Not only was it the best QB performance for the Ti-Cats this season, it was also the Ti-Cats’ best pass protection performance of the season too.

It also gave the receivers time to get open.

Absolutely. A quarterback can't put 44 points on the board by himself. This has been proven multiple times in Hamilton the last few years.

Capn: Yes. What a difference coaching and motivation can make.


Who were those guys and what did they do with our Line???

Then again, who cares? They can keep 'em.

This new one was awesome. :wink:

Hmmm...maybe so, but if so, then what happened to the 'coaching and motivation" for the run blocking which gave Tre Smith a measly 32 yards on 16 carries for a 2 yard average, on a team that was averaging something like 160 or so yards on the ground per game?

What a reversal. But, if it meant the difference between winning and losing, then there's no choice, is there?

If you say in the pocket and pass in less then 3 sec this is what you get [just like Dmac]
You think he may have helped??? :rockin:

Cap'n. Well...Marcel is not a miracle worker. He can't fix everything at once. First the O line...then on to the next problem area.
Which raises another point....did you see Creehan on the sidelines yesterday. Hardly said a word to anyone the whole game. I would have thought he would have been jumping for joy all afternoon after that darned good defensive effort. Never noticed before. Is he always like this?

Great? Not even close, there was still missed blitz pickups and Porter was getting rid of the ball quickly.

drexl: Never mind. Make yourself feel good. Just think about scoring 44 points and a win against Montreal. :rockin:

I agree. Tre did well picking up the blitz, but it continues to be a thorn in our side.

I won't comment on what factors lead to the improved overall pass protection, but check out Tre Smith's pickup on the Earnest Jackson touchdown.

Watching the game live I missed it, and the replay angle they showed in-stadium was from the endzone, so at the time it looked to me like the defender had just somehow missed Porter on his own. Going back and watching the tape, it was actually Tre sliding across from the opposite side to knock the defender off target. Great hustle by Tre on that play.

This may actually be a case of the O-line just looking after their own assignments. Finally they have a quarterback that steps up into protection as opposed to Casey and especially Richie who still have that run first metallity

I was just going to post this....until I read your post.

WTF, was with the line. Unbelieveable. They were awesome. There was one play, where Hage blocked down field for Porter. I believe he picked up the MLB about 7-10 yds down field and Porter ran for a first down. Anyone else remember this play? I havent seen that type of "intensity" all year.

It was just great to watch. The players of the game was the O-line.

Well I would love to agree with you guys believe me, but I watched the game again today and although it's safe to say the oline might have played one of their best games, the credit really has to go to Porters' quick release. If we had of been getting these quick releases all year, no one would be complaining about our O-line. And it has not been the fault of our QBs necessarily, I think a lot of quick hitters and hot routes were added to the offensive playbook this week thanks to Danny Mac and Porter took advantage of them. As a result the O-line looked damn good.

And as far as Tre Smith goes, his numbers would have been WAY better if it were not for all the penalties that were called every time he had a good run. He would have at least tripled his yardage and his final stats would have been very different.

Ding ding ding we have a winner.

I think the Oline was much improved, but Porter was also getting rid of the ball MUCH quicker than the BC game.

Pass blocking was improved but not great.

The other thing that gave Porter an advantage was that the plays that were designed and called in this game included shorter routes; QP kind of mentioned this when he talked about the game plan. I don’t know if the OC was counting on Printers’ expereince and escapability, but in previous games, WRs and SBs were running intermediate and long routes with the only short check-down route was to the back who may have had to pick up a blitzer - then of course, the young receivers didn’t know to come back when seeing Printers scramble.

This time, there were LOTS of shorter routes being run, allowing Porter to get rid of the ball quickly, and from what I saw, this was a BIG change from even the BC game when longer routes were still being called. I think the coaching staff (Thanks Danny!) finally realized that you can drive the ball and win with shorter routes, and avoid getting the QB killed at the same time.

It is nice to see that nobody wants to crucify Hage or Dyakowski, today.Many of us on this site have been saying that sacks are not just the result of O Line missed blocks.Finally we get a Danny Mac -type performance from our quarterback and the O Line gets the credit for the job it has been doing most of the year. For those who still don't get it, perhaps to paraphrase Yogi Berra - IT IS SURPRISING WHAT YOU CAN OBSERVE BY WATCHING.
Watch the line play and learn the game,then offer opinions,otherwise STFU.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Yup; he made a great pick-up early in the game, I think it was Ticats first TD pass when it looked like an Alouette DL or LB had Porter squarely in his sights; Tre took him out so clean and quick it was like he just vanished.

It's a team game. Smith picked up a few blitzes, Porter make quick reads, the game plan included an outlet receiver on most plays, receivers adjusted their routes, and the o-line held their lanes. When things go well, or break down, its almost always a combination of things. was one game and now we go up against the AL's one week later. This weekend will be another test. Hopefully KK will be healthy and we can add a running game to the mix.