Great Opportunities

Todays game demonstrated that The Als, with some changes, will be a contending team next year. Brady has emerged as a player with ability to give the team a QB who can run, can throw in the pocket and, is adept at scrambling. He has earned the right to be a major player in the 08 team.
The Als need another deep receiver although Deslaurier has been adept at getting the long ball in the last couple of games. This kid needs some coaching, and some time to develop his potential. For the time being recrutment should focus on getting another receiver who has the speed to be a deep threat.
Todays game revealed that The Als are a potent defensive force. In todays's game Sanchez, Hill, the defensive backs and the entire defensive line were standouts. Bowman and Kashama were a good alternating pair at defensive end although one wonders if scouting should focus at getting a new aggressive defensive end as the Als were generally weak here having come second to last in the league re QB sacks.
I would hope someone in the administration is scouting the CIS and, the Canadian kids who are now playing in the USA. The Als should be in a relatively good position in 08 re the CAnadian draft. Finally, the Als should immediately begin the search for a new head coach!!!!