Great one day sale for Grey Cuppers!

Just got my plane ticket for Winnie, the whole trip there and back only cost me $290.00

For anyone going to Winnipeg, I suggest you get your plane ticket ticket now!


Hey Jare, how did you get such a good rate? Is that taxes in? What days do you fly? I can't find anything under $370ish even by going Wed to Tues or weird stuff like that.

Tuck, try Hamilton to Winnipeg. It's often cheaper than flying out of Toronto. See if that makes a difference.

Thanks, JAG! Yeah, living in Oakville it's actually my preferred choice, but would you believe for Thursday to Monday the flight would be $645! Wednesday to Tuesday is only $335, but I don't really want to stay that long in Winnipeg in November. :stuck_out_tongue: The trouble with YHM (Ham airport) is that that Westjet now only flies once a day to YWG. :frowning:

How many times a day do you need to fly Tuck? :wink:

First: West Jet seems to have sales every Thursday

Second: Join the West Jet Club or whatever it’s called you will get a reminder of thie sales.

Third: My flight out of Toronto is WS 899 into Winnipeg leaving at 6:00 pm on Thursday.
Returning Monday on flight WS 816, arriving in Toronto at 7:43 pm.

Forth I would love some Grey Cup company on the way out, let me know if you are on the flight!.


THAT was funny!!! :smiley: :lol:

Of course no slight against Hamilton airport was implied, the thing with flights is that as the seats fill up, the price rises for the remaining ones. With only one flight, obviously the prices become high very quickly. Already to fly back on the Monday will cost over $300 plus taxes, just the one way. :o

I'll let you know my details as soon as they're known Jare! My cousin's are going out Air Canada, but I could very well go out separately. I prefer WestJet - love the personal TV!