Great Night, Great Game, Bad Stadium Experience.

I thought Ivor Wynn was suppose to be smoke free, for both tobacco and pot. Unfortunately, it was for neither where I was sitting last night (top of Sec 22). It was obvious that people in Sec 23 were ignoring the smoking bylaws but no security was to be seen. I did mention it to security people at the half but never saw them at all after that. It was towards the end of the third quarter when other smells started wafting past my nose. Sure enough, a couple of losers in Sec 23 were passing a joint back and forth. There were not a lot of people up there so I guess they thought they could get away with it, but that was the last straw for me and I left. I tracked down the staffer I talked to at the half and told her exactly what was going on and something needed to be done. I didn’t leave the game but watched the fourth quarter form the end zone seats. I did notice that a couple of police were standing at the top of the section for most of the fourth quarter but I don’t know what they did or could have done. The issue is where security was. I didn’t seem much of them at all. They are supposed to be monitoring the crowd, not standing hidden in the stairwells where I found most of them. In forty plus years of going to games at Civic/Ivor Wynn Stadium, this was the first time I left in disgust about something not related to the Tiger-Cats on the field effort. This isn’t going to dissuade me from going back, but this cannot be allowed to happen. Security does need to be more on top of things.

We sat in Section 29 high up and there was a policeman right behind us and I didn't see any problems. The "usual" drunks were around, the guys that come as a group and do the non-stop binge drinking and get more obnoxious as the game goes on.
Not sure what they can do about that but it does put people off from coming back. And if there is smoking they definitely have to put a stop to it, they are trying to attract more people to the stadium and a small obnoxious bunch of people can scare away a lot of new fans.
I hope that when they build the new stadium they will have better security, better seating and we can get rid of the rowdies.
I think we should have a "Rowdy Zone" where we put the binge drinkers, pot smokers, the guys that curse and swear at the top of their lungs. We could have like a cage, similar to some of the European soccer stadiums, do what you want in there!!

We had a great time at the game, I like how they have closed off Melrose and they have concessions and stuff for the kids on the road. My only complaint would be the bench seats but in a couple of years they are going to be long gone :thup:
I'm looking forward to sitting in a Seat for a change the benches were great way back when I was a kid but this is the 21st Century!!
The new stadium should attract people who want the comfort of an individual seat, they have to encourage people to come to live games, get them away from their big flat screen TVs and out of their LaZboys.

mike, wait until everyone has 3D TV's and all the games are broadcast in 3D. There won't be anyone in a stadium or arena for sports if/when that happens. :wink:

Hi Deerkeeper:

You're the second person in as many weeks who had a complaint about security issues at Ivor Wynne.

For as long as I can remember, I almost always experienced the pot smell while at the game. And, everytime I can recall, I look around and see a cop nearby doing nothing.

I also found excessive drinking to be a problem. Again, the only time the cops will step in is if it results in a fight.

The other security staff is only there to help you find your way to the seats or to the concessions

The organization needs to address these security issues if they want people to buy tickets and season seats.

I'm sure not subjecting my family to this nonsense.

I was sitting in section 28 last night with my two kids and we had a great experience. No smoking of any type and no obnoxious fans. I did see a few who had enough to drink that they were having problems walking from one bench to the next, but they were not bothering anyone.

Interestingly enough, we were sitting just above one of the second level entrances where the police often hang out, and my one son asked why a policeman was at the game (he's only 7). I told him he was there to break up any fights that happen, which usually happen when people drink too much or when they are cheering for the opposite teams, but usually because of the drinking. While I know they do more than this, I think we all know that is the primary reason they are there.

I know when I have been in other sections I have smelt smoke of both types, and I've seen my share of obnoxious fans. It would be nice to see security and police deal with issues when they are pointed out. In the past I have seen people bring in the police or security to deal with inappropriate fan behaviour, and they have acted quickly. Sounds like this wasn't the case for you last night.

When alcohol is involved there are often going to be issues. You can almost be sure that the people smoking are also drinking and doing it when they have the courage that alcohol can provide. It would be nice to separate the different types of fans into different sections, but how do you reserve sections for the following: 1) Those who don't drink, 2) Those who will have 1 or 2 drinks, 3) The drunks who are well behaved, and 4) The obnoxious disrespectful drunks. Quite frankly with the current price of beer, I can't stomach the cost and I know there are plenty who feel the same way. Possibly in the future there will be more "family zones" and/or "alcohol free" zones that will provide people with a way to get away from the innapropriate behaviour, and still have a decent seat. I actually know of a restaurant that has a two drink limit (this may be due to liquor license issues). This may be difficult to implement for specific sections in a stadium, but may be another way to further assist with this issue.


I hear you, deerkeeper. You make some very good points here. I guess that for those of us who have been attending
games for many years, we've all experienced these incidents fom time to time.
One would think that between Security and Hamilton's finest, they could keep these matters under control.

I noticed more than a few pot smokers at the game last week (Argos-Ticats). But, obnoxious drunks still create more of a problem than pot smokers I find. I don't smoke the stuff myself as I hate the smell and have always resisted drug-use .... it's just an observation I've always made.

There also seemed to be a lot of police patrolling OUTSIDE of the stadium instead of inside during the game. That struck me as rather odd.

Use of profanity in public is city-wide problem I find. There are a lot of classless knuckle-draggers out there on the streets.


Cigarette smokers should not light up at games, should be a bigger fine and better enforcement, would only take a few fines to mostly correct this. And I enjoy a cigarette as much as anyone.

Would rather sit near pot smokers than beer drinkers, just have to wake them up after the game so they don't miss the bus.

Don't sweat the small stuff, life is too fragile.

well, one way to get the police involved is to go up and paste the smoker :wink:

Some people are just plain and that's the way life is. I have them at work and some are Ph.D's.

I would think "pot smokers" would be the least concern out of drinkers and tobacco smokers.

The issue is breathing in smoke in a public place, it's illegal and it's harmful. I don't want to be breathing in someone's smoke.
As for drinking it doesn't bother me if someone else is drinking, I don't have to breathe in or drink their booze.

Bang on, mikem.

I don't smoke. Cancer runs rampant in my family. I don't want someone else giving me cancer because they are too lazy to get off their a##es and go down to the designated smoking areas. We sat in section 8 on Saturday and there were 3 idiots in section 9 who were smoking. They didn't care that people were commenting on it and just kept it up. I noticed they weren't too lazy to go downstairs at least 4 times for beer. It ticked me off. If I would have had my kids with me (as the lady beside them had her son) I would have directly asked them to stop.