Great News Finally for Ottawa

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It's too bad there wasn't a place for them to play next season.

Great to hear that Ottawa should be back in 2014. Wish the as yet to be named franchise all the best.

Woo! :cowboy:

I think I speak for everyone when I say it's good to BE back. :smiley:

Hell, it's just nice to know for certain (more or less) which YEAR we're supposed to be returning. :roll: After years and years, construction should finally begin on Monday.


Congratulations Ottawa. I can't wait to see what the stadium will look like and what the team will be named!

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, now we will have 9 teams again. I guess we need a 10th somewhere...

The league did fine with 9 teams for a very long time. A 10th would be nice but not a necessity . Especially since no owner has even hinted at owning a 10 th franchise.

So, the only provinces that don't have a CFL calibre football stadium in their capital city and not able to host a national championship Canadian pro football game are (not including Northwest Territories) Quebec, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Sort of strange for a city the size of Quebec I think.

Well Laval blocked that possibility, and Quebec City is so single-mindedly pursuing the NHL that I don't think it's even close to being on their radar.

The NHL will be back in QC by 2020.


OT question, but what are the numbers in your signature about

I'm sort of curious about that as well.

Number of Grey Cup wins in his lifetime perhaps? If so, he hasn't updated it with last year's win by BC.

Fabulous news! I'm really happy to hear this.

Hope they get Russ Jackson to do the opening coin toss. I hope they keep the Ottawa Roughriders name and occasionally wear their retro uniforms.

Roughriders is Saskatchewan............Rough Riders is Ottawa; come on man [beaglehound] it's been pointed out more than once to your understanding, but you just fail to spell/and or know the difference of the two. Sick to say the least :twisted:
Other than that....welcome back Ottawa :rockin:

Welcome back Ottawa.
Now Moncton you are next.

I'm never going to get that straight in my head Backer....EVER!

Ruff Riders
Ruff Riders
Ruff Riders

I''m going to do my best to remember the spelling.

It's funny but when I posted it as Roughriders I thought....Hmmmm..... aw what the one will spot it so I left I couldn't be bothered looking it up. I already was thoroughly waxed by SSK fans when I'd spell their team Rough Riders. You'd think I'd know by now. Must be the B.C. water. lol

The Gridiron Guru/beaglehound same name alias BS - Every Rose has it's Thorn inside the Halo of Flies :cowboy:

Ain’t gonna happen. Saskatchewan vetoed that as a condition of awarding the franchise to the Ottawa group.

by ArgoT » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:33 pm
Welcome back Ottawa.
Now Moncton you are next.

Not to burst anyone's bubble but Moncton is not getting a team anytime soon, maybe in the far far future but it's not happening say in the next 5-10 years IMO, No owners interested, No CFL size stadium, no plans to expand stadium at Moncton university, very small fan interest ( Last CFL game there didn't even sell out about 1000 tickets short) Lets just be happy with 9 teams for now