Great Moves, RL.

Since you supposedly control everyone and every thing that goes on in the organization congrats on the new hires and the guts to make the necessary firings and job title shuffles.

Not bad for someone so "out of touch" and "stubborn"....

He only makes the bad moves, theres no way he would fire his buddy from the "old boys club"... but wait...

"It's never good to let anyone go," said Lancaster, who became interim head coach when Marshall was fired. "Joe has been a friend of mine for 20 some years, but when you haven't scored a touchdown in your last three home games it leaves a bad taste in everybody's mouth and pushes the powers that be to take a hard look at things."

Good to see thats settled.

Imagine if these moves had taken place back after game 2! Or better still..somebody wouldn't suggest that Ron didn't have anything to do with the hiring of him in the first place! :roll:

yup..glad to see that's settled!

Ron did the right thing! Now let's hope he can turn things around and put some "Wins" up!