Great moment in Canadian sports history provided by Brooke Henderson

Congrats Brooke, a great Canadian athlete making a true great Canadian sports history moment by one of ours:

Brooke Henderson becomes winningest pro golfer in Canadian history

And yet people are cheering on a bunch of Americans!! There’s the true CANADIAN heroine!


LOL. Great accomplishment Brooke.

Basketball fans - stop celebrating the only Canadian based team in the world’s best basketball league winning a championship for the first time in 24 years.

Instead watch women’s golf tournaments - unless of course a Canadian isn’t doing well that tournament - in which case you should turn that off and search out a Canadian tiddly winks competition where Canadians are doing well and support that.

Otherwise you are being a bad Canadian according to some posters here. ::slight_smile:

That’s it Pat, fight back. Good on you.

There were 16 Canadian players on the St. Louis Blues team and 3 or 4 Canadian coaches including the HC but the morning after they won the SC, TSN’s big and first story was the upcoming Bball game. St. Louis the champions got second billing behind a game that the Raps hadn’t played yet… I’m still seeing coverage of the Raps and it’s been a while since they won. It’s never gonna end, is it ?.. I think the biased hype is what pisses people off.

As far as Canadian accomplishments of Canadians, Brooke beat the living crap out of any Raptors because they are all Americans and Pat even you have to agree with this statement of fact.

Hey, Raps won great for a Canadian city and country as some say and revel and enjoy party hardy etc. Makes you a Canadian for sure, not a bad Canadian in the least.

But Brooke is a Canadian who just accomplished something quite extraordinary for Canadian athletes at the pro level. And at a very young age. And I have my doubts how many Raps fans today at the celebration even care less about Brooke’s accomplishment. Sadly. Or even know of it.

Hey - the Raps have Canadian owners, a Canadian player on their international roster, a Canadian assistant coach and most important on a day like today, they are the only team representing a Canadian city and they have CANADIAN FANS!

The home team.

I was glad to see St. Louis win - but not because they had more Canadians on their roster than the Bruins did. I cheered for them because I don’t like the Bruins and the story they were writing with their rookie goalie, coming from the worst record in the league in a city that has never won - was a compelling sports story.

A Globe and Mail editorial on who to cheer for.

Here an interesting piece from the Consul General of Canada in San Francisco on how Canada is benefitting from this Raptors run.

The Raptors are resetting perceptions of who Canadians are and what they might offer. U.S. interest in the team and place is almost a preview, or glimpse at an inspiring other way. It shows up when they see the natural celebrity of superfan Nav Bhatia, or hear the enthusiasm of player Serge Ibaka talk about his adopted home. They see it in Drake’s moxie, but mainly from the crowds in the stands and many Jurassic Parks. There is something special happening in Toronto and, indeed all of Canada, which has been on display throughout the playoffs. It’s a lesson in dynamic pluralism; a working diversity fed by smart policy and healthy institutions that has become ever more valuable in the intangible economy.

Brooke a great story but Most of them in the GTA probably don’t even know where Smith Falls is but hey what could be better than pretending a team of complete foreigners is Canadian today .

Well done ; mission competed but hey two more NBA Canadians can be millionaires in the NBA so it’s all worth it .

Woo I was worried about that ; I wouldn’t want Australia or France to have more players in the NBA than us .

You guys are overthinking it. There’s just not a lot of fans of womens golf.

The greatest racquetball player of all time is a Canadian, Kane Waselenchuk. He’s practically an unknown though because no one cares about racquetball.

Popular sports receive more attention than unpopular sports. Shocking.

…good for Ms Henderson, but watch (or care about) the LPGA?! Lordy, Lordy Lordy, no…

Great athlete and she will probably become one of the greatest when it is all said and done. I think the closest the LPGA came to receiving significant mainstream media attention was when Annika Sorenstram was dominating the tour in the late 90s and early 2000s. So dominant that she was invited to a PGA men’s tournament. Didn’t make the cut but she didn’t finish last either. She was also involved in a skins game with Tiger Woods and a few other male players as well.

Michelle Wie was supposed to become the female golfer that brought women’s golf into the mainstream with her 6 foot frame and 300 yard drives. However, she never came close to living up to the hype winning only a few tournaments and one major up to the present. A far cry from some who boldly predicted she would be a semi-regular on the men’s tour as she had the length of the tee to compete with them…which was true, but the rest of her game was lacking.

I almost never watch golf but when I do, I prefer watching the women.

Wonder sometimes if Canadian football will be in such a situation in a short time in certain parts of Canada if this isn’t already the situation in these parts? :-\ Is what it is I guess, like womens golf.

Maybe the “real test” of how popular a sport or league is in Canada is if there is a victory parade and along with that if there is a significant adverse event of such a parade such as a shooting or people stomping on a car or some fires lit, what have you. The new benchmark of popularity I suppose. (tongue in cheek)

Yes I think it’s common now whether soccer , curling , golf or tennis .

The women are getting lot’s more attention .

Yes, more attention for sure. With a swing like this and her photogenic appeal factor, yup.

Women have always had my attention. Still do.

Ha ha but now we can watch them with that innocent cloaking of sports .

Wife or anyone curious : Why are you watching women ( insert sport here ) ?

Answer : The Canadian girl(s) are doing well and want to see how well they do .

I consider Brooke’s feat more prestigious than the Raptors’ finals win… 9 wins and she can quadruple or quintuple that number over her career… by that time, the Raptors will be a non-factor or playing in in an American city…

I consider Brooke's feat more prestigious than the Raptors' finals win
Well one is by a Canadian athlete so I suppose, in a sense, we are talking apples and oranges here when comparing to the Raptors.

Hey I think it is great that she has won 9 LPGA tournament - it is an accomplishment she should be very proud of - but that - ‘more prestigious’ than an NBA championship? I don’t think so - not even close.

it is a very good accomplishment- but only one of those nine was a major - and she has never ended a season as the top ranked women’s golfer for the year. Her highest # 3 in 2016. She’ currently ranked 4th this year.

It would sort of be like me saying the Raptors winning the Atlantic division six times in their history was a more prestigious accomplishment than winning the NBA Championship.

Hey I hope she keeps winning - and if she adds a few majors and wins golfer of the year then we can talk about her accomplishments being comparable to what the Raptors just did.