Great Lions vs Als game but man confusing at times!

Als fans have got the makings of a great team this year with some very talented players. I can see the Als doing well. The game last night could have gone either way. I have to admit I'm still questioning that opening TD by the Lions. I did not see the ball cross the plane. From what I could see the Lions ball carrier stepped out of bounds and the ball never crossed the plane. Maybe it was the angle the replays showed. Command center obviously saw it differently.

The reason I found the game confusing as a Lions fans is...well there are 5 reasons:

Ryan Phillips
Jovan olafloye
Ernest Jackson
Stefan Logan
Coach Jacques Chapdelaine

All of these guys have played for the Lions and some quite recently. Man, every time I went into the kitchen to make a snack I'd be listening closely to the commentators play by play. He'd mention Phillips or Jackson or Logan and for a moment I'd be thinking, " Wait a second, didn't the Lions just punt the ball to the Als? How'd they get it back so fast? I'd see Chapdelaine and I'd had to remind myself I was looking at red and blue and not orange and black. And I don't even drink! :lol:

A good game played by both teams. The outcome was never a certainty.

Question for the Als....

The Lions punted the ball back to the Als with 7 seconds left on the clock. Was that the smartest coaching decision? It was good for the Als because who knows what might have happened but would it not have been better for the Lions' kicker to kill off the remaining 7 seconds by running back to his own end zone - even giving up a 2 point safety touch?

Il y avait un risque négligeable de touché sur le dernier retour de botté car ce n'était pas Logan qui retournait les bottés mais Cunningham ou Sutton. Wally a fait confiance à ses gars qui n'ont accordé aucun retour significatif aux substituts de Logan.