Great Labour Day

Once again had a great time at the Labour Day game. Tailgate party was awesome hanging with friends and meeting new ones. I got to meet Earl Windfield and he signed my game ticket. Over looking the score it was a great day, great weather, great friends. So sad that this will be the last Labour Day game at the old Ivor Wynne! :cry:

So many threads running this Team down someone makes a positive Thread and no one even comments on it! GO CATS GO! :thup: :thup:

I'll comment on it for you but I know your going to complain about it. It sucked, the cats lost and really thats all that mattered. I wasn't there to sit in the sun, meet new people or anything like that, I go to the games because I wanna see the Cats win...

I wont complain as Ive read other posts you made, and this does not surprise me in the LEAST!

What doesn't surprise you, the fact I go to the games to see them win?

NO COMMENT NOT WORTH ARGUING! I posted this thread for a positive and you turn it around to a negative! Thats all I'm going to say!

With the lose on labour day to To, Regardless of the loss Both teams played a hard fought contest. Would a win by Ham been nice. But i have been a cat fan for 50 plus yrs and have witnessed some exciting games this one was every bit as exciting . Thanks for the show Cats.

You know… we didn’t get blown out 40-10 or something like that. We lost by 3 pts to a team we should have beaten…and would have save for some miscalls and Burris brain cramps. We lost by 3. We should have beaten the Als, the Stamps, the Riders, and the Bummers… save for fumbles, penalties, miscalls, etc. We are not that bad of a team. I’m not saying at all that we don’t need to improve in many areas. I am just saying we are not as bad as our record.
Yes, i know we’ve been hearing that time and again for years…that we are not as bad as our recored. And now that we’ve endured the Glenn years…getting us close only to lose big games, it seem that Burris is of the same mould…
I don’t know how it gets so complicated. In preseason Burris looked like a man possessed. Does it need to get that complicated?? Like Chris Williams said in an interview after the Labour Day game…maybe we need to simplify…

The Game was Great for the CFL and Southern Ontario, 8 pages of coverage in the Toronto Sun today. Yah! Sure it would have been awesome if the Cats won !! But this was a great day of football for this area :rockin:

The Calgary/Edmonton game was equally entertaining and you could not ask for two better games to watch !!

In Addition Mac played at the same time, they won and got almost 7000 people at Ron Joyce Staduim :thup:

doesn't Ron Joyce only hold 6,000 capacity tc23?

or did they add temps?

either way, over 31,000+ at the Ticats game and 7,000 for the Marauders is phenomenal local support.