Great, just great

As an Als fan, allow me to congratulate all you Ticat fans on a great win over Edmonton. Great, just great.

I was born and raised in Steeltown, so your team still has a place in my heart. I thought Claridge is sure a keeper....Montford was absolutely DOMINANT against BC, but against Hamilton he may as well not have bothered showing up....the only times he was noticeable was when he was going offside (which was entirely too often).

Belli was great, Goss was outstanding (hardly heard of Tucker all game), Shaw was brilliant, linebacker play was good (still wish you guys would move Hitchcock to MLB, I think he'd be a natural star at that spot), and the offence....WOW...even Kamau Peterson caught some know the stars are aligned in your favour when that happens! Hill is a real find....>Yeast was superb.....Davis looked like the Davis of last year.....Lumsden showed potential......only downer was Morreale dropping a few catchable balls, something he rarely does.

Anyway, tremendous win guys, congrats and good luck the rest of the way. Now just give Brady some serious playing'll have to find out if he's going to be the guy of the future so may as well find out now so you can decide if you want to try to trade for Maas or Printers for next year.

Now one question, since you guys follow your team closer than I do. I was impressed earlier in the year with Renard Cox at OLB; now with Roundtree there taking Martin's spot in the secondary, Martin has been moved up to OLB and put Cox on the bench.......what gives? Is there a problem with Cox?

You beat Edmonton, now beat Calgary as well please! :?

Begging again