Great job Today Rider's - Keep It Up :)

Just wanted to stop by and congratulate the Rider's on a great game and victory, hope you softened up the Stamps, so our Bombers can go there and whip some A$$, well we can beat them healthy anyway's (back to back) and knock them down to reality (no playoffs).

I wish the Rider's the best of luck the final 4 games of the season and in the playoff's. Hope to see th matchup everyone has been dreaming of at the GC in T.O (already have my tix), Bombers VS Riders (Battle of the prairie's), what a party that would be, and great for the CFL as well, 2 community owned teams not expected to do anything this year, battling in the big smoke in front of 40,000 Bomber/Rider fans, oh and hopeful Alouette and argo fans .... lmao ...

Good luck and hope to see ya in the Grey Cup, let's bring the cup back to the good ol' prairies where it belongs.

Thanks B&G and good luck to your Bombers next week, they're going to have to play 2 halves to ensure the victory :slight_smile:

When did they say we last beat Calgary in a regular season game there? Was it 3 years ago?

I dunno T, but I think its been a while.

I think they said on TV 2004 was either that or 2002