Great job stink!!!

Towards the end of the first half, I was just about ready to jump through the TV at the officials.

Especially on the long punt return towards the end of the first half to Bashir.
The Cat who was in the middle, and on the ball was completely eliminated by a major clip. Right in front of the ref.
Then on the next play Cheatwood blows by an Argo lineman, gets held (once again right in front of the ref)and rushes an incomplete pass. Should have been holding, but instead it was an objectable conduct on Armour, 1st and goal Argos.

The officiating in the CFL is a joke. 9 or 10 penalties in the first half were enough to get the Cats out of their flow. On a hot day like yesterday, time of possesion is huge. 9 penalties kind of keeps the "D" on the field too long.

The refs are homers.
All 4 games were won by the home team.

If we played good ball I would agree,
however we got what we deserved for the way we played.
Good teams will play through problems not complain about them.Also they ajust at 12 time we need to work harder at that.

blaming the refs is pretty weak.

Actually, the Refs did miss a lot of calls on the Argos, however the calls made on the Cats were justified. The penalties really should have been close to even, but with the way we played it probably would have only added a couple points to our score, nothing too big.

On yeasts td, called back on ralf ? being offside, Half of the plays on both teams there is a reciever cheating, but they Call it on the Ticats when they score???, Payback is a B, but why didnt they Call a bench penalty on TiCats when they took out Allen for intent to injure?? that would and should heave been the proper Call, then they wouldnot have to find another way or call later in the game, Tit for tat penalty calling is making hockey and football look like wrestling.

The refs weren't great...but they never are. Generally it balances out over the course of the year.

The hit on Allen was not intent to injure. Well, I suppose if you want to get technical...every hit in the game of football has an intent to injure. The "intent" on that particular play to us lay men is also known as a sack. I thought the late hit call was bad as our defender was in mid-air as Allen threw it.

garbage, Allen is old. he got hit. he landed on his finger and broke it.

these things happen.other than that it was a fairly tame hit, coming blindside, about half a steamboat after the ball was in the air. if that.

Even Damon Allen couldn't believe he broke his finger on such a nothing hit.

From the Toronto Sun:

[i]The 42-year-old Allen was injured when knocked down by blitzing Ticat safety Wayne Shaw after he had released a pass.

Allen said he couldn't believe he broke the middle finger of his throwing (right) hand "on a little hit like that."

"You gotta be kidding me," he remembered saying to himself as athletic therapist Erin Brooks came on the field. "I was still actually looking up field to see if J.J. (Jeff Johnson) caught the ball.[/i]

Blaming the refs is a pretty lame excuse.

Why not blame Marshall for having an undisciplined team....same thing as last year.

The players have changed but the penalties are still coming far too often. This points to coaching and Marshall better address it and start leading by example (no more blow-ups on this sideline). Aside from looking like a goof, it does nothing to motivate the players!

Agreed. When you're constatnly freaking out, you've got to get tuned out by the refs pretty quick, I would think.

when you have to constantly freak out because of crap penalties, the refs were never tuned in to begin with.


It's kinda hard for Marshall to preach discipline and importance of not taking dumb penalties when he seems to have problems not controlling his own temper/passion.

But it's confirned that CFL season is underway.

Losing team fans start a "Why the Refs S***" thread.

Damons hit wasnt harsh at all, probably because of the fact that Shaw is pretty much a feather compaired to some D Ends, but come on a late hit is one thing, but it doesnt take an idiot to stop running once you see the ball gone or even in motion. Im not mad at this, but I know many Ticat fans, they all laughed and said that was a pretty late hit. I'm not saying this from an Argo fans view but if you get a late hit penalty and then that player gets injured, there should be something more on top of that, for example some sort of an intent to injure penalty. Im a QB myself and to see Damon so calm and cool about the situation is shocking to me, his stats are done, he has no shot at MVP again at all, his record to get most passing yards are in jeopardy. I'm not blaming this on Wayne shaw, fingers do break easily, but this can benefit someone down the road when some air head decides to murder any player after the play ends. As for the refing home field advantage has always in every sport been a factor not because of "poor" refing. And if it seemed harsh on the Cats, it might smarten them up in the long run anyways, and will help with there decipline before it might get carried away.

some people can never admit to losing.

regardless if there's a bad call or two don't forget there is sixty minutes of football so i have to agree with another posting blaming the refs is weak

The Cats got away with receivers crossing early a couple of times. That particular play it was pretty blatant.

And if you believe Jonathan Brown, we also appear to have gotten away with something that rhymes with "contacting the kicker" :wink: