Great Job, Obie, Charlie. Etc.

You see? I've won the lottery and I didn't even buy a ticket. :wink: 8)

Everyone gets too excited after drafts. Every team is optimistic they made their team better.

I’m not sold.

It’s highly unlikely that these kids are going to be impact players right away. “The club plans to use him [Barker] as an extra defensive back in passing situations and on special teams for now.” That doesn’t address our need at safety. Everyone was clamouring for us to pick Barker before the draft to plug our hole at safety, well, the team obviously feels he’s not ready for a starting job yet, so that hole remains unfilled.

Giguere is a good gamble. He was taken 8th overall, lots of upside, but he signed with the Colts. Most 6th and 7th round picks in the NFL have trouble making the team, so undrafted free agents really have an uphill battle to make it. I think he’ll be back and he’ll be a good addition to our team. But we won’t see him til September, and then he’ll have to learn the playbook etc etc, so this year will basically be a write off for him.

As for the other guys, I’ll wait and see. I am curious to see what happens with our FB situation. Dickerson isn’t a FB even though he’s listed as such. But now with the kid they just drafted and Radlein, what’s gonna happen? Do they cut Radlein? I hope not, but it looks like the writing is on the wall. He was used sparingly last year, and now by drafting another fullback I think the team is ready to part ways with Radlein.

Down the line this draft might be great, but for the upcoming season I’m not getting my hopes up too high.

Exactly what I was saying. The draft is not the quick fix for the problems that we have.

Get a room :stuck_out_tongue:


Who said they were going to be "impact players" right away? Obie didnt, in fact he stated the opposite.

Why not be optimistic? The team got two players every other team in the league wanted including the Colts.

No gurantees they'll pay off, who said they would?, but wouldnt you say the odds are def. in our favour?

Sheesh, lighten up.

Not sure about the 17th pick overall, why another Nonimport FB.There could be a trade in the works?OR is Obie Building a S.T unit? Recviever was one of the Positions in need of Upgrades ?

I don't know about that Knowton is going to be a major addition to this years defence. I'm not expecting much out of who we drafted, 21 is too young to be a starter at safety considering experience is so important at that spot and Guiguere won't be joining the team until late in the year, if at all, and that could screw up the teams chemistry.

As far as the long term impact, this could turn out to be one of the best drafts we've ever had if it produces 2 future allstars.

Receiver has already been upgraded, and I doubt you’d rely on a 17th pick to fill that need. He was probably drafted to fill a special teams need considering how amazing our blocking was last year on the special teams. They were so good Taaffe instructed them not to block because it just wasn’t fair to the other teams, they were that good.

Taaffe :roll: --- Obie,s teams Always good on S.T!! And yes the 17th pick in Fact All 6 rounds could produce quality CFl players. IMO there a few undrafted skill position players out there as well!

"Amazing blocking on special teams" is perhaps a little bit of Comic Book Guy sarcasm.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

I'm not optimistic because since Mr. Young took over the team has had all kinds of great publicity and it has made many off-season moves that had the fans thinking Grey Cup. And then they played the games.

12 wins in the last 3 years doesn't inspire much confidence or optimism for the upcoming season.

The Tiger-Cats were the laughing stock of the league for the last few years. Having the number 1 pick in the draft 2 years running is not what I hope for. I want a winning team; or at least a competitive one. We haven't fielded a competitive team in far too long.

So I won't be fooled again by the supposedly great off-season moves. I will reserve judgement until we start winning some games.

I sincerely doubt that. There will always be something negative to find.

If we field a competitive team this year I'm not going to be one of those people who's constantly complaining about every little detail.

People tend to get way too excited about little details. Any time the Cats sign a guy people on this board go "Oh wow, he's going to put us over the top!" And when a guy doesn't put up eye-popping numbers in games people say "Man! Why haven't we cut him yet!"

I'm not one of those people. I realize that this is real football, not some video game where every player is going to have ridiculous stats. The team is going to have good games and bad. As long as we're competitive, I'll be happy. But we haven't been for a long time.

My point is don't get overly excited about the draft picks because it's going to take a while for them to make an impact on the team. Before the draft most people on this board thought we should draft Barker so he could immediately fill our starting safety hole. Well, Obie immediately dismissed that idea after we drafted him, as he expects Barker to be a special teamer/backup his first year.

So why's everyone getting so excited about a backup? Does this immediately make us a playoff team? I don't think so. When we signed Printers I got excited because every team needs a quality starter. Draft picks take time to develop. And I'm sick of all the losing.

You cant jump from not being optimistic to not being "excited". Who said "excited"?
Point was and still is in the draft management got two highly sought after athletes and traded a pick for a desperately needed DB.
Pop the champagne? no.
Reasons to be optimistic, again, why not?

Your make excellent points, Zone.

Markeith Knowlton started in B.C.
for most of last year as a DB

but apparently, the Cats are going to play him
at one of the the Outside Linebacker positions.

Another project?? Wonderful.

I just love it when we move players from their natural positions. It's worked out soooo well for us in the past.

It amazes me that people are now being jumped on around here for saying they are not optimistic or too excited. I've spent most of my time as a member here defending players,coaching staff and management and I've been given a rough go by many people. Saying I'm a cheerleader. Now people who are saying they're reserving judgement are getting given a rough go. Looks like the pompoms are on the other hand now.

I want to be able to say that Obie and his crew have done a fantastic job and that they've turned this team around. I'm just not ready to jump out and say that yet. I've been burned once too often doing that.

I understand you, but I have no sympathy. Of course these new players won't make an immediate impact - heck even the veterans will have to learn a new System (once again) because of the change of Coaching staff.
The fact remains - YES, it will take time, and don't expect immediate success. It may even take till mid-season before we start getting our 1st win.
But that doesn't distract me from being a fan, or being optomistic. REAL fans support the TEAM, win or lose.
Which, by the way - makes you a loser....
The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Sorry, b’girl
The thread got way too generalized it was and hopefully still is about the draft picks not the team’s fortunes this year.
. Again, to boil it down - two great players with potential and a trade that can be pugged in immediately. All reasons to be optimistic, not parade planning, just optimistic.
And considering all the recent bad deals that came back to haunt the team , meh, the above mentioned warrants a “shout out”, imo.

No biggee.

A) I wasn't asking for your sympathy
B) Don't give me that REAL fan garbage.

You don't know anything about me. I have been a "REAL" fan for over 25 years. I'm a season ticket holder and I take my kids to any Ticat event that takes place. I defend the players and this team to anyone who will listen. It is my right as a fan to decide whether or not to plan the parade route.

I love people who are self-important enough to actually have to sign their username to the bottom of the post. You don't think we can see who wrote the post??

I'm not in any way saying that Desjardins did the right thing and I think we've had trades that have come back to haunt us over the years that I have had nightmares about, but I'm just saying that it's a lot easier to realize that now. I was not a supporter of the trade or many of the other horrific trades we made.

I'm happy with the draft and the trade (if it pans out). All I'm saying is that I'm not going to jump up and down over it just yet. I'd like to see some results. I have always and will always support this team. I'm always optimistic once training camp hits and I see what people can actually do, but the past few offseasons have turned out to be more than a little disappointing. I don't think there's anyone who can dispute that fact.