Great Job, Obie, Charlie. Etc.

Landed two of the most highly touted players and turned another pick into a trade for a starter.

Couldn't have done any better. :thup:

Interesting to see if the poster who said Obie wasnt "serious about improving the team" awhile back will surface. Doubt it.

Indeed, Ock! Barker is the closest-to-a-sure-thing the Cats could have aspired to draft, Knowlton is going to surprise and if Giguere lands in Tigertown, look out! The other picks were also solid.

Going to be an interesting camp for sure!

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm FINALLY excited about the coming season!

Picking the best player in the draft when you have first pick is like shooting fish in a barrel. :wink: We're taking a gamble on Giguere and although I hope it works out for the kid making the big money, it would be nice to see him end up here.

If Knowlton pans out it will definately be a good trade for us (for a change)

I'm not exactly doing cartwheels yet, but I'm excited to see what these kids can do.

We still need lots of work.

We had an exceptional draft, and definetely improved our team. if Giguere finds his way up here by September we could have the best young Canadian receiving tandem in the league.

Having the first overall pick is helpfull of course but a GM can still muck it up. You could write a book on how sports teams have blown it with seemingly easy draft picks.
Obie could have passed on Barker as Chris Shultz suggested to pick a O-lineman and could have passed on Gig.
But what if he comes back to Canada with someone else and lights up the league in a year or two? Despite what another GM said good rec.s do not "grow on trees"
The gamble on Gig. is a no-brainer, imo.

BG, it's so unlike you to be I think this was a great draft for the Cats. Okay, #1 was a no-brainer. However, as good as he apparently is, I think Giguere will be here in Canada this year; how many undrafted CIS players make NFL rosters? Giffin will replace Radlein (as Obie has already hinted at). And Lavigne-Masse will provide non-import depth at receiver. That's likely three starters and Lavigne-Masse on the practice roster.

I think the 2008 draft will be one that really helps this team turn the corner.

An Argo-Cat fan

BobO out did himself.:thup::cowboy:

I think that the TiCat fans should remember that the Colts President Bill Polian's son works for the Tiger Cats. So I'm sure Obie has a pretty good idea Giguere will be back up here by September or before.
The Colts will get a good look at Giguere in TC and then will know if he could be somebody they could use down the road, after some seasoning in Hamilton.

Sorry BF, I guess I'm not the same me anymore :wink:

I hope this is a draft that will help us turn the corner, but I've heard that before and I'm just trying not to get my hopes up too high. I have faith in the team, but I've been one of the people who has been blasted around here for always defending the decisions made by the team and now people are doing the same thing and I just find it a little funny.

This could be one of the best drafts this team has had in a very long time. I say that because this is the draft that could really lead to the team turning the corner. They got the best player in the draft and possibly the 2nd best player. in actuality some could say as far as the the athletes in this draft go the Cats got 1 and 1A.

I understand how you feel BG. I find it ironic that those that blasted the ownership and the management and the coaching staff at every step of the way are now falling all over themselves trying to get in the good books or "Whatever". I find it even more ironic that these same people still do the same things on another website. :roll:

It took a while for things to get on track, but some of us never doubted the resolve of the ownership and management.

I'm optomistic of this year...maybe not a GC appearance but I'm confident that this management team will do all it can to see that the "Hamilton GC every decade" will continue under "Bob's watch". :wink:

Keep the faith. :thup:

It's a very good draft and we were very lucky to land Guiguere at 8, but then again it's still a gamble considering he is still property of the Colts last time I checked.

Great job by Obie to grab Giguere with the 8th pick!!! I thought for sure Montreal was going to grab him at number 7. Giguere will benefit greatly (and learn alot) by attending the Colts camp, especially with the great receivers they already have in Indy. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they don't decide that he has too much potential to let go and keep him on the roster for special teams work. My gut feeling is that he will be in Hamilton this year, maybe even before September.

P.S.: Borehamgirl....You do cartwheels? I'd like to see you try that the next time you're dancing on tables in Ottawa. :lol:

What about Jeff Piercy?

around this time every year we're told about how great the draft was but with a different gm's praises being sung. last year it was all bauman this getzlaf that one got dropsy and one is in corner gas country (we might as well have grabbed ryan getzlaf with the way we shipped him outta here). yea we got the consensus numero uno ... with the number one pick! yea ummm great scouting? way to parlay the first pick into a first pick calibre player hahahah had shologan and giguere not already signed south of the border im sure this wouldnt have been so cut and dry we chose the only one of the big 3 that wasn't inked in the nfl. So yea Obie chose a good player in theory he could have passed on barker and drafted me as a punter out of mohawk college but alas he made the right choice or rather only choice that being said id ont know if he really did anythng special and the beauty of it all is nobody will for at least a little while :smiley:

Very solid draft for the Ticats, made some good choices in the first round, I might have gone another way later in the draft, sending the 9th overall pick to B.C. was interesting, I would have liked Lumbala, but hey. Trading a 6th rounder for future considerations is a little weird, I actually at that point would have taken a flyer on Messum.

After the last two years of taking Cedric, Jermaine, J.P., Dyakowski, Bauman etc. the Ticats have some of the best young Canadians in the league, so hopefully it will all come together.

Let the best man win.

Both are cheaper than Julien Radlein,

and as Obie said, we will seldom use
a fullback in this year's Offence anway.

I think we did very well in this draft. We got two of the top players available for selection. Maybe THE top two in fact.

Barker will make the team this year I suspect. Perhaps as a special teams guy and with spot duty at safety. I like Sandy Beveridge, but I see Barker as pushing him and ultimately succeeding him. Not to say he's the next Rob Hitchcock, but he looks quite promising.

Giguere will probably be in the CFL with us later this season. If he isn't, and sticks down south, then good for him. I don't know why people complain we wasted a pick on him because he has signed with the NFL. Same thing happened with Jesse Lumsden after all, twice in fact, and now he's with the Cats, a starter, and seen by many as a star in the making, or even right now.

The trade with BC looks like an excellent deal for us. Actually, I think it's a bit of a steal. How Obie talked the Lions into giving up a starting LB and a kicker for a second round choice, I just don't know. I wonder, did they owe him one? Now our LB corps looks solid.

Our later picks are really gravy. A bit of competition at camp at RB/FB and WR is all to the good.

We have a very good group of young Canadians on our roster. This bodes well for the future of the team. Much credit to Obie for his work this year, and credit where it's due to Marcel Desjardins for his efforts in the past couple of seasons.

Overall, I think we're headed in a positive direction. The playoffs are definitely within reach. Lots of games between now and then of course, but I think things are promising.

Okay now that is funny. OMG that gave me a nice chuckle this morning.

I'm not saying it wasn't a good draft, I'm just saying all the back patting may be a little premature. I think it's great that we're building lots of young Canadian talent, but I also want to win NOW!! :smiley:

PS...Easy there 'Pope. The only table I'll be dancing on from here on out is the one in my bf's living room. :stuck_out_tongue: