Great Job Marcel

Love to see the team take a new direction and clear out all the dead wood. Any time you can pick up a QB with proven CFL experience its great. As far as recievers go it's time we upgraded across the board. Flick was solid but for the money we need more. Marcel has a eye for talent and everyone needs to support him and trust this guy. Way to early to be critical of his moves and I'm sure we can expect alot more. :thup:

Yeah, I like Rocky, ask any coach in the league and they'd probably tell you that they would have prefered to go up against Joseph rather than Butler. But if they plan on keeping Maas then this makes little sence, unless Bob can convince the league to allow us to face edmonton 18 times this year.

Also, bring in a q.b coach already.

I agree with you 100%

ehhh you already have are qb coach you took ours!!!!

I think we are seeing a GM executing a master plan...keep up the great work Marcel! He's setting out to do what he said he was going to do. Unfortunately some people have a hard time hearing or accepting the truth.

Questioning this trade and the value received is not being overly critical IMO; we'll see how it works out - hopefully a positive. "the truth" :roll: