Great Job By Ticat Cheerleaders

They looked wonderful at the game, but even better on Howard Stern. What will become of the girls that were on the show.

This thread is gonna get deleted like the other 5 on this topic.....but they were suspended indefinitely by the team. There was an article in the Spec about it.

does anyone in hamilton even listen to howard stern? ya, i remember him being cool too.... BACK IN 1997!

to whoever leaked that story:
thanks for indirectly suspending two gorgeous young ticat cheerleaders who we all would much rather have smiling at us at the games, than looking shocked on the HS website.

How is it a leak?
It's right there on his website right in the open.
If this guy didn't say anything, someone else would have.



Wow, this thread has lived for a few hours now. Does this mean the subject is no longer forbidden?

to whoever leaked that story: thanks for indirectly suspending two gorgeous young ticat cheerleaders who we all would much rather have smiling at us at the games, than looking shocked on the HS website.
Leaked the story????

They appeared on the self proclaimed "King off All Media"'s show!
It would be different if they appeared on some morning show of the local rock station in Butte, Montana.
I don't listen to the guy, but everyone I know who does (I live in the US) was pinging me to joke about my CFL team's cheerleaders.
Plus, don't you think it's ironic that the day before the CFL announces a big North American broadcast deal with Sirius, 2 CFL cheerleaders appear on Sirius's flagship station?

Like I said before - brilliant cross marketing.

Is the Tiger-Cat organization ever going to comment on this turn of events? There has been no official statement, other than to acknowledge it occurred and announce the indefinite suspensions.

I would like to start a poll on whether the greater Ticat community thinks the suspensions are warranted or not, but a) the threads keep getting zapped, and b) without any kind of statement from the organization, several extra shifts have been added down at the rumour mill, leading one to not know what to believe, and what to disregard.

I suspect we will hear nothing until the team makes a decision, which is the right thing to do on their part.

Still, one cannot overlook the thick irony that we were allowed endless debate about a certain Argo player's private activities and their professional repercussions, yet this issue is taboo.

i dont proclaim to be a rule maker on this site... hopefully no one takes me THAT seriously...

no more just upset if the rumour was true that they were "suspended indefinitely"

because i'd much rather have their smiling faces (and the rest of them) on the field every home game than not.

and when i said leaked.... poor choice of words, i'm sure you'll all forgive me for that. it was 2:30 in the morning... moreover, just complaining about the constant obsession with it going on on the site.

My sources are saying there is more to the story. Stay tuned.

I think a poll on the topic would be an interesting excercise.

I am one, who followed the link and explored it and even though I am closer to 50 than 40 :<((( I was not offended by them. I felt somewhat embarrased for them by putting themselves in such a position.

My vote would be for re-instatement.

I am sure that they have already paid a heavy emotional price tag for the Stern show, if they were good enough to make the team, then keep them on the team. They will have to live the rest of their lives knowing what they said.

here here!

LET THEM CHEER! Let them cheer! let them cheer . . .

If I had to vote, I'd say no to re-instatement.

Here's why:

Of course, what the girls do in private is their business as it is with all of us but to do what they did in such a public fashion and representing themselves as CFL Cheerleaders would go against their employee contract with the Tiger-Cats I would suspect.(I'm assuming the report that they are now paid employees is correct of course)

I also feel that since there are quite a number of 'junior' Ticats cheerleaders who would naturally look up to the senior cheer team, a stand has to be taken by the team to send the message that cheerleaders agree to be good ambassadors to the city and the football team by acting in a responsible way when in the public's eye. No one is perfect in private but they had to know this would cause a stir by appearing on a show which is watched or heard by millions.

Those are my opinions on the matter for what they are worth. 8)

I cannot believe the last few posts I read. These two women were not only an embarrasment to themselves but to our team and the CFL.
I went to the Stern site and just about threw up. Now I am not a prude by any means and have enjoyed Howard in the past. HOWEVER !!! As a former cheerleader for the Cats and the CFL I found what these two women did tastless and warranting immediate dismissle. As a former Cheerleader I found this offensive and I would all so feel this way if it was any other CFL team's squad involved. It was a VERY POOR DECSION ON THEIR PARTS to allow themselves to put in this position. When you decide to make a committement to be a cheerleader there are not only official rules to be followed but unwritten rules. You are a representitive of the Team and your City. What you do on and off the field can and should have consequences if something like this arises.
They knew EXACTLY what they were getting themeselves into and should be CUT !!! I am almost certain there are two other girls out there who would love to take their places and appreciate the chance to cheer for their team.
I maybe old school about this, but this has broken my heart to see this display of recklessness on their part.
I AM NOT ONLY EMBARASSED FOR MYSELF AS A FORMER CHEERLEADER BUT FOR ALL THE GIRLS AND GUYS WHO PUT FOUTH AN EFFORT TO BE GOOD ROLE MODELS FOR THIER TEAMS AND THEIR CITIES. I only hope that I can either read here or in the Spec that the two said girls are cut and their services no longer needed.

By the looks of the the paper yesterday, Kingsgate seems to be "on-side" with Mikey and Cheergirl. "I trust the team will do the right thing..." Hmmmm.

Sounds like they have their minds made up.

I said this in the other thread but...maybe the other girls on the team would rather not have them on the team. It might not be so much a 'Ticats' issue but maybe one as a 'Cheer Team'.

So not only do people have to conform, acquiesce, and otherwise FOLLOW ALL the WRITTEN RULES ... but UNWRITEN ONES TOO !!??

If their actions did not BREACH ANY CONTRACT with their employer's then I hope the girls SUE THE PANTS OFF the ORGANIZATION !!

I, PERSONALLY, have not VIEWED the incriminating website ... which BEGS THE QUESTION ... If I could show enough RESTRAINT from viewing what I MOST OBVIOUSLY could ASSUME would be (at the least) SLIGHTLY pornographic ... what STOPPED the rest of you 'high and mighty' types with skin thinner than saran wrap ??

Could it be you all just wanted to STEP ON OTHERS to make YOURSELVES FEEL BETTER ? To let everyone know how PERFECT YOU ALL ARE ?

I hope the girls got PAID WELL for whatever it is they did in the name of fame and notoriety. I for one, RESPECT THEM ENOUGH to presume they went on their FREELY and INFORMED ...

Good luck to the girls !


P.S- the countdown to deletion is OFFICIALLY BEGUN ....