Great Job Boys

Well, it may not be pretty, but the Lions get the win tonight.

Loved the effort by Clermont tonight. As usual.

Logan really impresses me with his ability to catapult out of nowhere and break free from the pack.

Smart's confidence is really shining through.

Paris, CC, Skillern - some great catches tonight.

The D - a shaky start, but got things rolling at the end and came through big time.

Jarious & Buck - a joint effort.


Just to name a few.

I think we'll start really rolling now.

If Stefan Logan hasn't proven his ability to start and effectively change a game by tonight, then I don't know what it takes to over take Smith on a permanent basis.

Not to say Smith isn't an exceptional player, but he could be just as effective as a bruising number two back. While Logan can use his size and speed to get open in the flats on first down and make defenders miss, Smith could be used as a play action blocker to protect our QB's backside.

Weapon-X (Logan) is versatile; he can run inside, outside, and can catch more than just ducks on the screen.

Go Lions!

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Now back to Debra's post. I was surprised the way Ricky Ray was so successful against Corey Banks. Banks is usually more dangerous (Interceptions) than that. I hope it was only an "Off night" for him.

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