Great Job BigDave

BigDave I want to congratulate you on the incredible job you have been doing on the virtual grey cup. I love the page you put up for the standings I even put it into my favorites for easy access.

I noticed that you update the page after every game.
Once again thanks for the great work!!!!!!!

I second that, ro1313. . .excellent work, BigDave!!

yes, Very Good, Big D, well done!

I FORTH that!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!

I'd appreciate it more if he'd choose Calgary to win more often.

Kidding he does a good job.

Job well done BigD.

3 cheers for big Dave

Hip Hip Hoorrray
Hip Hip Hoorrray
Hip Hip Hoorrray

I got that page on my favorites list too.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Favorites and all! And for those of us who may not say thank you near enough (And I am number one on that list) A resounding THANK YOU for making this Game and League and Season even more exciting then I ever thought it could be!!

I now watch these awsome games not just as a fan...but as a participant of Big Daves V.G.C.C. Which means that I can no longer just "watch" a great CFL game.....but now I am interactive....involved........and vocal (much to my wifes dismay).

I am NOT an nfl fan, but I did pop in on a friend today who is a Cleveland Browns fan. And what I stated on another thread still holds true. Many nfl teams will dwell in the basement (for whatever reasons). And the Browns headed down that path yet again with a loss today in the season opener to the Bengals.

In contrast, as rough as some CFL teams records may be at any given point....It IS still a nine team league, which means ANYTHING can happen, and usually does!

Unlike the nfl, which is beyond convoluted!.

I really enjoy this Grey Cup Challenge even if I'm not doing that well. To me it's all about hanging out with some of the best fans of the GREATEST Football league in the world!

Again, Dave.......Thank You!!

yes, good job BigDave, i wish i could keep up with my pool, but it looks like i'm quite a while behind, i think Fooks has done some of the results, but i dont want to keep asking him to them if he doesnt want to....just keepposting your picks guys, i'll get to it if i ever have a day off

........32001, you too man, thanks for your contribution to our forum.......

Sorry I forgot about you 32001
Great job as well