Great interview with new father Chris Leak

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Man I luv that kid...Class act, can't wait to see him get his shot.

Great read, a very likeable kid, and I love his endorsement of both Trestman and the city of Montreal. He's right on both counts. :rockin:

Great article, thanks for posting.
It also shows the great respect that Trestman has throughout the N.A. football community. I guess we should appreciate him while we have him, because it won`t be forever.

No problem, enjoy sharing with fello Als fans.

Nothing is forever...especialy in this business

I just find it refreshing to see an athlete prepared to work towards his goal and be truthful to the concepts of accepting your role and taking care of what you control and letting the rest work itself out a lot of guys talk a great game but Leak lives by it and it isn't because he's stupid. He was in camp in Hamilton and figured out in 48 hours he was wasting his time there. It will be interesting to see if Chris who is very much a pocket passer has picked up enough from Calvillo to give him a shot. He throws one of the prettyest ball I've ever seen can he go through his reads quickly enough and deal with the 2 downs to move the ball.

Great find hfxtc, thanks.

it is nice to see a US QB with his college record showing such humility. Too many times we've seen the reverse, some US hotshot coming to the CFL and making no bones about the fact that he thinks he should be the starting QB. . . and then when he actually gets that chance he craps the bed and is then soon afterwards an EX CFL quarterback. . . names like Timmy Chang and Mike McMahon come quickly to mind. . .

When AC retires, Leak just might give McPherson a run for his money for the starter's job. . .

Forgot to congratulate Chris and his Wife on their first baby girl . God bless Trinity ! Hope she is the first of many !
That's a beautiful name too.