Great interview with new father Adrian McPherson

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Babies are blessings ! Congratulations Mr. McPherson and bless your young family !

Sorry you missed the parade but glad you will be around to get your ring and work to REPEAT !

That was a good read. I'm a fan of AM , and am content to see him return with such a positive attitude. I have my fingers crossed to see him be AC's successor in the near future.Congrats on your baby!

Well, AM is at least SAYING all the right things for now. Whether he actually feels that way or not remains to be seen. I was impressed with what I saw in some starts last season, but the only way we can know what he's really made of is in REAL games that count!

I don't know how the Als organization feel about grooming a successor, but the fact remains that AC, even though he has a date with the Hall of Fame, is aging and is only injury away from the end of his career.

I think that the Als should give serious thought to putting Adrian for the second half of several games this season.

I agree with JKM. Let's see a QB rotation back and forth this season., just like goalies for hockey. Plus it might keep the other teams guessing with each QB possesing his own style. If one QB goes down, then the other will be already hot to fill in the void. I read in the media before last Season that this idea was to be implemented, but never came to be.

I use to think that but I don't think it would take away from both guy's preparation. Practice time is too short.

No qb rotation, keep preparing him, but AC will get the bulk of the reps as it should be.

If you look at the Als schedule this year they are out West for the first month while the team works on the stadium. That means 3 straight weeks where it is tough to fit in 3 practices a week, by the third week they may even be down to 2 practices a week. How do you get two quarterbacks ready with that ???