Great golf story on Netflix

The Phantom of the Open ..

Based on a true Story .

A great movie about a guy who never played golf in his life played in the British Open .

A few good belly laughs and some feel good scenes if you need something light , uplifting and keeps your attention.

Had more content than I thought they would have and glad I stumbled onto it .


I was planning on watching that. Check out “My Octopus Teacher” before they remove it. One of the best docs I’ve seen in years.

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when it comes to golf, all I can say is, kill the gopher :slight_smile:


Thanks will have to check it out always looking for something good .

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It was a cinderella story ..... .

Hey! Spoiler alert please?

By the way…….the octopus is the killer.

Maybe for Caddyshack ....

and Carl Spackler licensed to kill gophers by the United Nations .

" it's in the hole" ...

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she needed to eat ...

Watched it yesterday ..... who would of thought there would be such a connection with something that lives a very solitary life .

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That connection gave me goosebumps.

I meant it like “the butler did it”

Fake spoiler alert.

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