Great game!

I don't want to get into an angry rant about no roughing on Maas, or why are we in prevent with 8 secs left, but instead congradulate the players who left everything out on the field. Personally I feel it was a fluke that we were even in the game, you don't deserve to win when the other team outgains you by 300 yards.

Also, I think Marshall is going to mentally burn himself and his team out before the year is half over, he needs to relax, trust his staff, and have a long chat with Ron Lancaster who will no doubt set him straight. He's a ball control nazi, that's not going to cut it in this league, you won't score many t.d's in this game if you have to execute 13 plays perfectly in a row to do it, and those are not Paopao plays, those are Marshall calls, he needs to step aside, get his coordinators in the booth and just manage the game.

Blame Joe Paopao, it is his playbook, his playing calling, he is the O.C.

Even Baressi understood the Canadian game well enough
to go vertical early to stretch the Defence.

The other teams are rubbing their hands together and salivating
when they watch game film of our nickel and dime passing game.

All their players have to do is lean forward on their toes
with their ears pinnned back and go to work on us.


Greg should review the game plan with Joe before each game
and do the same after each game and make suggestions.

It won't be Joe who will lose his job if we keep losing.

Ouch, that was a hard loss to take. It was like watching the '98 Grey Cup when Garcia killed us with a last minute drive.

I think this loss was tougher because it was ours to lose. We came back for a 17-7 deficit (or somethink like that). Some INT's killed us. Going for the field goal at the end, too bad it went wide. We played well for the first 60 minutes of the game, but that field goal at the end of the game was a bit too much to over come. Ranek, Vaughn, Yeast and Goss played good. (the Goss picked happened right in front of my was awesome! Carpman was right behind me) Penalties weren't a factor. The penalties were really down considering how many we took in the first two games. Some just came at really bad times. Defence played some "bend but don't break" football after giving up two early TD's. Lots of positives to take away from this one. I think we're turning a corner. I'd hate to be the Als next week.